Do it yourself swimming pool

Do it yourself swimming pool

If you have land in the garden that has a sufficient surface and depth, it might be possible to build an inground pool. In addition to having the right space, it is obviously necessary to request an authorization from the Municipality in order to start construction, in fact in the absence of this document it is not possible to build any structure. The construction of a small do-it-yourself swimming pool does not present high difficulties and not even excessive costs compared to larger and more complex structures. For the construction of the pool, the first thing to do is to choose the ideal position where it can be installed, so that it is adequately sunny and with good protection from the wind. The soil should have a compact structure and not be backfill,

DIY inground pool

To carry out the excavation of the DIY in-ground pool it should be taken into account that in addition to the size of the pool, at least 50 centimeters on each side are required for the construction of the perimeter structures. Therefore, starting the excavation it must be taken into account that the measurements must be increased by one meter per side. Once the excavation has been carried out with the right dimensions and the correct depth, the construction of the slab on which the pool will rest and the perimeter walls should begin. The insole, to be able to support loads, should be at least 15 centimeters thick and should be perfectly smooth. The construction of the side walls requires the use of reinforced concrete with the anchoring rods left in the upper part.

Build a DIY pool

To build a do-it-yourself swimming pool you have to choose the ideal shape and then decide on the basic elements depending on what you choose. Once the lateral structures have been made, it is then possible to proceed with the assembly of the base profiles. The assembly should take place following the desired profile and joining the elements by means of the junction tubes. Once the base profile has been completed it should perfectly match the previously prepared perimeter. Before you can lay the liner to waterproof the structure, you should check one last time that the slab is perfectly smooth, otherwise you risk problems with the construction. The liner should be unrolled starting from the center of the pool and working outwards.

Construction of an inground swimming pool

Laying the liner is essential and should be done with caution, as the waterproof liner is essential for the operation of the pool. The liner should be slightly smaller than the walls, so that you have to pull the edge a lot to avoid creases. The liner is usually made of PVC and is 15mm thick. A bactericidal filter is usually placed on the walls below the liner. Once the liner has been laid, corner profiles are fixed on the upper part of the walls in order to block the membrane. Once these operations have been completed, the external parts of the pool can be filled with concrete. Once the structures are dry and resistant, the tank could be filled by connecting the pipes to the filtering system.

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