Dolmar chainsaws

Dolmar light chainsaw

Dolmar has been an international leader in the design and manufacture of chainsaws since it created the world’s first ever model 80 years ago. Dolmar chainsaws are reliable, easy to handle and comfortable. They provide high performance for individuals and professionals, in the fields of gardening, agriculture and forestry. The 22.2cc pruning chainsaw is very light, comfortable and precise. The engine develops enough power to take full advantage of the 35 cm cutting length. It has a compact and balanced shape that allows it to be used in hard-to-reach places. The Easy Start system allows a quick start. The model has a great working autonomy, an ecological and automatic oil pump and an excellent anti-vibration device.

Dolmar chainsaws with engines

The chainsaw with a 30.1 cc engine and 1.04 kW of power is perfect for professional pruning operations, both in tree climbing style and from the basket. It has a low weight (3.1 kg) and complies with the latest regulations on emissions of harmful gases, with consumption less than 20% compared to previous models. Its acoustic power is 109 dB (A) and the pressure 98 dB (A), the fuel tank has a capacity of 0.24 liters and that of the chain oil tank of 0.18 liters. The 32 cc model is suitable for garden maintenance, firewood cutting and limbing. It is equipped with a harpoon for an effective grip on the trunk and a 4-spring anti-vibration device. The chain brake ensures immediate locking in the event of a kickback and the catalytic converter respects the environment by reducing emissions.

Chainsaw models

The high-level model with 34.7 cc engine is equipped with a primer for fast starting and the Memory Power Ignition device facilitates restarting. The 3-mass clutch allows for better transmission on the chain. Its magnesium casing makes the chainsaw resistant and light. The 35 cc Dolmar model has a 40 cm bar and a single control lever for cold start, work and stop. Ensures low fuel consumption with a large 0.4 liter tank. The 42.4 cc model is a powerful semi-professional chainsaw and the 49.9 cc model is equipped with a Touch & Stop system, with a retractable switch, in the rest phase, to prevent accidental starting. The professional 50.0cc model fells medium-sized trees. It guarantees high limbing performance thanks to high acceleration rates. The engine is well cooled for greater reliability.

Dolmar chainsaws with higher displacement

Among the Dolmar chainsaws with even higher displacement we have the 61 cc model, with a 45 cm bar and a power of 3.4 kW. The fuel tank has a capacity of 0.8 liters and that of the chain oil is 0.48 liters. It weighs 6 kg, the acoustic power is 117 dB (A) and the pressure 105 dB (A). The 72.6 cc chainsaw guarantees high power even at low engine rpm. It is equipped with a Happy Start decompression valve which reduces the force required by the user for starting by 70%. Vibration reduction occurs thanks to durable steel springs, resistant to the corrosive effects of petrol and oil. The 78.5 cc model has a bar of 50-60 cm in length and a power of 4.3 kW. The 90cc professional chainsaw is designed to fell large trees with a power of 4, 9 kW and a torque of 5.8 kW at 6,500 rpm. It is optimally balanced and ejects chips efficiently. The D2M anti-vibration device allows the use of shock absorbers of different hardness.

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