Drip plant

Why irrigate with a drip system

The drip system is a particular irrigation system that is defined as “localized”. Basically it is possible to bring water to the plants very slowly, in the manner and in the established times. This system works through a tube which, connected to the tap, conveys the water directly to the root of the desired plants through special drippers positioned on it. Thanks to this system, one of the biggest problems in the field of irrigation can be solved: the huge waste of water. In fact, through a special timer the electronic programmer is equipped with, it is possible to establish when to start and when to end the watering period. Among the drip plants for the vegetable garden that are becoming more and more widespread we remember those underground where the

What are the advantages of a drip irrigation system

Those who try their hand at creating a do-it-yourself drip system must be aware of one thing: the effort and patience employed will be highly rewarded as soon as all the advantages that can be obtained are known. First of all, a drip system for a vegetable garden allows you to irrigate plants with greater uniformity by distributing the water so as to avoid waste. This is also valid if you decide to distribute the water in small doses according to the needs of the plants. Secondly, such a system allows you to save electricity, physical energy and, why not, a lot of time. How many times have you watered your garden by going back and forth with the bucket? With a drip irrigation system it will no longer be needed. Finally,

How to make a DIY drip plant: all the stages

Nothing particularly complicated. Making a DIY drip system is very simple. First of all it is advisable to buy a special kit. There are many online where you can save a little bit. Obviously a lot depends on the size of your garden and the type of control unit you want to buy. Polyethylene pipes are sold in stock of 100 meters. The first thing you will need to do to create your drip system is to mount the control unit that will regulate the flow rate and duration of the water supply. The pipe that will bring water to the plants must be connected to the control unit. The aim is to create a kind of circuit that touches each plant. Then it will be sufficient to make small holes on the tube with the special punch contained in the kit and close them with the special dripper. The micro-sprinklers can also be attached to the hose which, positioned near the plant, guarantee an automatic rain dispensing system. This option is great for salads.

Drip plant not only for the vegetable garden

A drip system can also be useful if you have a terrace. Here too you can create a do-it-yourself drip system although the realization will be more complex since it will be necessary to make a path that will probably be placed directly on the walls. As for the garden, however, the drip plant will be very useful especially for flower beds. In large gardens, however, the drip irrigation system is strongly discouraged as it would affect the beauty of your lawn. Such types of automatic irrigation are already widely used by companies, especially wineries. If your vegetable garden drip system fails, don’t worry. Garden shops are well stocked and, above all, spare parts don’t cost a lot.

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