Dwarf plants

Dwarf plants

Dwarf plants are a huge group of plants belonging to many different genera and species. What is their usefulness? The simplicity of care, being very small their size, the versatility of the environment, exist from indoors to outdoors according to the tastes of the grower, and finally the possibility of obtaining both products used in herbal medicine (from roots for example) or small and delicious fruits. How to buy our plant? Always supply ourselves from a professional dealer who inspires confidence and is very comprehensive on the characteristics and needs of the individual plant, in fact, as it is clear to the reader, each plant has its own specific soil and nutritional needs. Finally, also evaluate how big the plant will be at maximum size, because although it is true that they are dwarf,

Fruit dwarf plants

In the first instance it is necessary to describe a little what a fruit dwarf plant is, it is a plant of not large dimensions that in addition to having decorative purposes also has the ability to produce fruit. These plants allow you in your space not to sacrifice more than two square meters, or about two and a half square meters. In this way you can save spaces that you will instead dedicate to something else, such as patios or areas dedicated to children’s play. We have eight categories of plants that are cultivable by making the plant dwarf: the apple tree, the peach tree, the vine, the pineapple, the pomegranate, the nectarine, the fig and the carambola (known as star fruits by the less experienced). These plants must be kept in pots but it is necessary that they are periodically pruned according to the needs of the plant!

Garden dwarf plants.

You have a small garden that already contains several plants, but you want to make it special by inserting new decorative elements or to obtain the famous «smells». Your main problem, however, is space. The dwarf plants from the garden just for this kind of requirements have been created. Plants that in nature remain small due to a not too high development of the root systems or selected by man over the years in order not to develop much. They are plants with different functions: decorative, we will insert them to revive the environment, delimitative, we will use them to delimit the environments of our garden (just think of hedges) and also productive (just think of dwarf plantsodorous or those that produce leaves for herbal medicine). In short, based on need, the choice is wide.

Dwarf yarrow

Here is an example of one of the dwarf plants that you may have the pleasure of growing in your garden (although it is difficult as far as growing medium is concerned). Yarrow is a very fragrant dwarf plant with greyish white leaves. Very particular are certainly the flowers which are in flower heads with the characteristic corimbrosa inflorescence that brings together numerous flower heads together. The flowering period is from July to September. The favorite soil of this plant is the siliceous one, in fact it is widespread in the alpine sector of the north of Italy. The use of this plant is food, its leaves are used as an infusion to create a soothing, cosmetic tea, a preparation of these plants is used as a cleanser for oily skin, and finally pharmacological,

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