Echo brush cutter

Echo brushcutter: properties and technical characteristics

Power, comfort and stability are the keywords of an important brand, ECHO. This house, born forty years ago in the American lands of Illinois, has managed to dominate the market within a few years, thanks to products that are always in step with technology, often innovative, and quality with almost always positive feedback. Today the company dominates the North and South American market with more than thirty distributors, presenting itself as a leader and innovator in the field of garden design and arboriculture. The Echo brushcutter is suitable for your cleaning operations that are hard weeds to eliminate, forest, thickets, bushes. The Echos are perfect for creating pedestrian access routes, equipped with U-shaped handlebars for total control, to increase the ease of control of acceleration and stop. Each brushcutter is sold with a kit of accessories and above all with the possibility of converting the blade. Specifically, we will spend a few words on the 225 and 280 series, and two specific brushcutters for the 266 and 410 series.

The 225 and 280 series: properties and technical characteristics

The 225 series has a 21.2cc engine and is available in a wide variety of configurations: the standard with i-30 starter (SRM-225 and GT-225), i-75 starter (SRM-225i and GT- 225i), the U-handlebar configuration (SRM-225U). The common features are a 21.2 cc Power Boost Vortez, engine that allows abundant cutting power, i-30 technology to reduce starting effort by 30%, a spark plug protector to improve comfort and durability , and a filtration system to ensure a long life to the engine. The pruner head features the Cross-Fire system and flexible non-steel shaft. As for the 280, this line, updated with new colors, represents a new performance class of brushcutters. The brand new ECHO 28 engine. 1 brings with it an increase in power combined with a light weight. And that means better performance. The purchase of the 280U is recommended, with a high cutting speed and acceleration and braking control with switch.

L SRM-266 U series, top performance and design

The units are available in the standard version (SRM-280), with steel shaft (SRM-280S), high mechanical rotation (SRM-280T), or with the U configuration (SRM-280U). Common specifications are the presence of the powerful Boost Vortex, rubber grip to simplify daily operations and an air filtration system to increase the durability of the engine. Instead, the SRM-266 U model of the 266 series is equipped with a 25.4 cc (cubic centimeter) engine, two levels of mechanical travel for exceptional performance. Two levels of filtration ensure a longer lifespan to the brushcutter, and the vehicle is equipped with the aforementioned ergonomic U-shaped handlebar to ensure comfortable control of turning and speed operations. It is equipped with a vibration reduction system for better comfort, and the initial ignition effort is reduced thanks to the presence of the i-30TM starting system. Protectors for the blade (which is not included) and shoulder straps are included to facilitate the work.

Echo Brushcutter: The SRM-410U echo series, maximum power

From the 410 series this brushcutter is the best choice. It is equipped with an engine to the nth degree, a 42.7cc Power Boost, a system of brush blades and a metal guard. A metal rod, a filter system for the engine and a large petrol tank. A U-shaped compensation system with acceleration / stop switches ensure great control of the vehicle. For those who find themselves with a rather large land to work, with a large amount of bushes to cut, it is the right choice. The Echo systems ensure performance for the most sophisticated customer as well as ease of use for those who find themselves having to beautify their garden for the first time. Prices range from two hundred to five hundred euros, and for those who want to stay on the budget, the security of a quality-price ratio is assured. Powerful, but also extremely clean, forget the fear of polluting, the emission levels are minimal. And the warranty is for five years as a private and two years for the commercial one.

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