Electric chainsaw

Work and have fun in the garden

The garden is an extraordinary place of recreation for the body and especially for the mind; in fact in it we can find that contact with nature, which more than any other is able to give us peace and serenity. Although man has always tried to govern and dominate nature (and has not yet understood that these are impossible things), destroying it and damaging it irreparably in some cases (see the extinctions of animals after the destruction of their natural habitat), it continues to have a very positive effect on the human being, and it is to this that the extraordinary success of the hobby of gardening – also known as the green thumb – among people is due: to work and engage the mind, if it is done by applying it to a plant or some flowers, it manages to have a beautiful calming effect on the mind.

Tools to work

The first thing to do if you want to work with serenity and trying to get some good results is to have the right tools and instruments so that you can do everything you need and without ever having to stop work and regret better solutions. In the context of a garden this is extremely simple, fortunately, because only the spade, the shovel, the broom, the rake, the saw and little else are needed in it; they are exactly the same tools that our great-grandparents used a hundred years ago and with which they fed their children while working in the fields. Not only that, if today the agricultural industry were not to rival the productivity and profitability of other categories of industries, those same tools would still be used; however, progress has necessarily led to amplifying the working power of these tools, feeding them with an engine and other tools, and we will see examples shortly. The fact is that without them even today in our garden we would probably feel lost and helpless, because sooner or later everyone has to cut a branch or mow the grass, and doing it with an ax or a hand scythe could “Remove” many people.

Electric chainsaw

A tool that was born after the mechanization of the old farmer’s tools is the electric saw; in reality it is the most modern, environmentally correct and clean evolution of the chainsaw, the true symbol of mechanized agriculture together with the lawn mower. In fact, the chainsaw, powered by an internal combustion engine, had a great power, an almost unlimited working duration (it was enough to top up the tank), but also some defects such as the noise produced and also the pollution caused by combustion, even if much less serious than what the environmentalists who are too fundamentalist say. And so, with the innovative technology of the electric motor, it was decided to replace the internal combustion engine with the electric motor, which operates extremely quietly and cleanly compared to the classic heat engine. The noise cannot be argued, but on cleaning there would be a long talk about how that electricity is produced but it is not the right place. In summary, the electric saw exploits the power supplied by an electric motor (connected to a battery or to the electric current to turn a belt with teeth or in any case some element with cutting capabilities, useful for pruning thick branches or for cutting dead trees and plants or to be totally rearranged.


The characteristics that make the electric chainsaw very suitable for amateur private garden use are a very low operating silence, an ease of use (there are no engines to carburet, lubricate or start by pulling) really excellent and also a certainly less dangerous due also to the small size and the less power it makes available. On the small size it must be said that both in the case of battery power supply and in the case of power supply with cable connected to the network, there is a certain limit in the possibilities of use. In fact, the battery can always discharge and its recharging is not immediate like the tank, but it takes a certain time in which it will not be possible to operate; ditto for the cable, no electric cable is infinite and therefore you will not be able to get anywhere, as it is possible to do with the internal combustion engine. In short, there are pros and cons for both the chainsaw and the electric saw, but let’s say that the latter solution is preferred for ease of use and practicality, and also for price because it has fewer components and therefore the price is falling. . Obviously there are models and models, but bear in mind that a greater power of the electric motor will require larger batteries, therefore greater weight, cost and bulk, as well as a limited duration.

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