Electric pruners


Pruning is an important cultural practice for plant growth and development. Not all plants require special pruning, in some cases it is enough to remove dry leaves, withered flowers, too long branches and damaged or diseased parts of the plant. On the contrary, there are some plants that instead require a little more particular pruning. Pruning, in addition to eliminating the damaged parts of the plant, also serves to shape the crown in such a way as to ensure a good aesthetic appearance. Pruning is by no means an easy practice to do, on the contrary, it is a very demanding job that takes a long time. Sometimes, the effort is felt less because perhaps passion and fun take over but, when it comes to large trees and above all many, the weight of practice is felt and how.

Electric pruners

Pruning must be carried out according to the situation in which we find ourselves: if it is a question of small cuts it is also possible to use suitable scissors or shears, while, if it is a question of larger cuts and for large crops it is possible to perform them through automated pruners . These are cutting machines that reduce their manual, effort and certainly the time to be used. According to their functions they are called chainsaws, limbers and pruners. They can be motorized or electric, the most used are electric pruners. The electrical pruners operate with power supply battery which is charged by electric energy. These are considered the most environmentally friendly pruners compared to those that run on gasoline and have an internal combustion engine.


The electric prunersthey consist of a handle and a telescopic rod, the handle guarantees a good grip and the telescopic rod allows you to reach the highest branches. The blade “turns” near a chain which automatically receives lubrication from the oil tank placed next to it. The power of these pruning tools varies according to the model you choose. It is expressed in Watts and, generally, the most bought and used pruners have a power that varies between 600 and 700 Watts. There are different price ranges for the sale of these items. The price varies by quality, by brand and by the power of the pruner. The cheaper ones have a price that is between 80 and 200 euros, the more expensive ones can even reach 900 euros. The electric pruners are of the latest generation and have been created to last a long time, this is allowed by good maintenance. They must be cleaned, lubricated, the oil must be checked and more must be added if consumed and the blades must be changed if damaged.

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