Electric wheelbarrow

Hand tools for gardening: the electric wheelbarrow

Everyone knows what a wheelbarrow is and how it works, a well-known, widespread and useful tool in various sectors, from construction to gardening. Not everyone, perhaps, knows that thanks to an electric wheelbarrowthey can speed up the work and make it much less tiring. The concept behind this tool is simple: an engine is added to a normal wheelbarrow, so as to facilitate the movement of loads, reducing efforts to practically zero. This solution is ideal for older people, for those who cannot handle heavy loads, or simply for anyone looking for more efficient ways to carry out their activities by reducing unnecessary risks and efforts. There are many different models of electric wheelbarrows on the market, with dimensions, shapes, power and other characteristics that vary to meet the most diverse needs of those who use them. The element that unites them all is an engine, generally placed on the front wheel that allows you to move forward while completely reducing physical effort.

In general electric wheelbarrowsthey are powered by a battery: a 12 volt battery can safely ensure autonomy for an entire day of work, transporting earth, leaves, branches, plants and so on for hours, without interruption. Motor and gearbox are located on the axis of the drive wheel, the frame can be made of various materials, among which the most performing is probably steel, relatively light and very resistant. The wheel tires can be chosen according to your needs, to ensure optimal grip even in particular conditions, such as if you go to work on very rough and particularly uneven ground. The design of the wheelbarrow can, in some cases, be more reminiscent of that of a small trolley, but its functionality is always clear: it is a tool that is useful in many contexts, and not only for those who are involved in gardening for passion or for work. Once you have tried an electric wheelbarrow you will hardly go back to using one without an engine, the convenience of this tool will convince you immediately.

Technical characteristics and limits of the electric wheelbarrow

The electric wheelbarrowsthey do not stop in front of any obstacle, they are not afraid of holes, hollows or stones: you can easily overcome gradients of 20 cm, with gradients of up to 35%. Even downhill this type of wheelbarrow facilitates your work in a very relevant way, since the engine, in this case, helps to slow down the ride. Also in descent the battery recharges, increasing its autonomy. If, downhill or in other situations, you prefer to exclude the engine, it will be possible to do so in models that provide for the transition to “freewheel” or “recovery” mode. In this case you can act as with a normal wheelbarrow. The body of electric wheelbarrows can have different shapes and capacities. A medium-sized model can safely carry 100Kg without problems.

Cleaning the electric wheelbarrow and other useful information

Cleaning an electric wheelbarrow is a very simple and intuitive operation for everyone. It can be done safely with ordinary tap water, without risking damage. For added safety, however, we recommend that you remove the battery first. The latter is positioned under the body and is recharged with a normal connection to the power line, passing through a special battery charger, sold together with the wheelbarrow. For greater practicality, the wheelbarrow battery is removable, with the possibility of taking it to recharge leaving the tool in the garden. Furthermore, a fuse helps protect the motor and the battery, avoiding overloads resulting from incorrect use of the instrument. Reading the information material is recommended for a correct use of the tool. As you can see, use and maintenance of an electric wheelbarrow are really very simple, and this tool can greatly help you in your work. Buying an electric wheelbarrow can make the job less tiring and faster, if you don’t have one yet, consider buying it seriously.

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