Erisimo mother tincture

The grass of the singers

Phytotherapy knows, and uses, the beneficial properties possessed by herbs and plants, extracting their active ingredients and administering them in the form of natural remedies. Those who live by working with the voice, for example singers, but also teachers, or lecturers, will surely know a herb that is called erisimo, and which in botany has the name of Sisymbrium officinale. In itself, it is not a very noticeable herb: it is extremely widespread in uncultivated land, it is found almost everywhere in Europe, Asia and also in America, where however it is less known. The plant typically has a height of about 60 centimeters, astate leaves, and small yellowish flowers. Sisymbrium belongs to the Brassicaceae family, or Cruciferae, and in herbal medicine it is known as the singers’ herb,

The virtues of erysism

Erisimo contains, in its flowering tops, essential oils, sterols, glycosides, coumarins and flavonoids. All these substances give the plant expectorant, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties of the respiratory tract. These virtues of erysim, which is called not only singers’ grass but also crow grass, or crocione grass, were known since ancient times, as can be deduced from its very name. In fact, Erisimo is a term that is made up of two Greek lemmas, namely the verb eruo, which means I save, and the term oimos, which means song. Not surprisingly, even during the Renaissance, erisimo was used by theater actors and singers. There is also an episode, according to which a famous singer of the fifties, Tito Schipa, was able to cure his aphonia, shortly before a concert,

The mother tincture of erisimo

Erisimo can be used in the form of herbal tea, decoction, but also of mother tincture. The mother tincture of erisimo is obtained according to the same procedure that is normally used to make the mother tincture of any herb. The fresh extracts of the plant are left to macerate in a hydroalcoholic compound, so that their beneficial virtues are concentrated and amplified within the resulting liquid. The mother tincture, of course, is never used in purity, but must always be diluted in water, or in other drinks. In any case, as we said, to benefit from the singers’ weed it may be sufficient to drink an herbal tea, but this only serves to cure the mildest symptoms, or a laryngitis at its first manifestation. Furthermore, the herbal tea can also be used to gargle,

Erisimo mother tincture: Erisimo and mother tincture: how to use it

If the herbal tea and the erisimo decoction can be useful for treating throat pathologies at the stage in which they are just manifesting, the mother tincture will instead appear effective in cases in which such ailments are at a more advanced stage. For example, the mother tincture of erysimus can be used in case of throat inflammations, hoarseness, laryngitis and pharyngitis. It is also useful for those who smoke a lot, and often have a sore or dry throat. Just put 30 or 40 drops in a glass of water, and drink it two or three times a day. The effectiveness of erysme increases if this medicinal plant is used in combination with mallow, thyme and propolis. Its use is not recommended for those who have a manifest allergy to Cruciferae plants, to which the erysimus belongs,

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