Eucalyptus plant

We know the eucalyptus plant

It is not difficult to recognize the eucalyptus plants that populate the gardens and green spaces, especially in central – southern Italy.The eucalyptus belongs to the Myrtaceae family and is an evergreen tree that in Australia can reach up to 90 meters in height. In our areas it reaches a maximum of about 25 meters, but with appropriate pruning it can be kept at lower heights, making it a good shade tree. The trunk has a smooth, gray bark that tends to break into flakes with the age of the plant. The leaves are oval, long, bluish green color of young and become dark green as the plant invecchia.Esse are widely used in herbal medicine, it is used for dry infusions to extract the oils essenziali.La plant eucalyptusit blooms in summer producing flowers that resemble small pompons, with a white-greenish color. The fruits are round and contain the seeds.

Grow eucalyptus

This large, fast growing tree is also very hardy. It prefers a sunny position and adapts to the brackish climate due to the proximity of the sea. If pruned frequently it takes the form of a large shrub and, in these cases, the leaves tend to keep their youthful appearance. It resists quite well even intense cold and continues to produce new leaves if the primitives are damaged by frost. Adult plants tolerate dry periods well, but young plants should be watered every two or three weeks in summer. They do not need a particular fertilization, choosing from the many varieties it is possible to find some suitable for growing at home. They are the smallest species that, placed in a pot with soil for houseplants, should be placed in a bright, sunny place, south facing. They should be watered copiously when the soil is dry, but without leaving stagnations in the saucer.Every year it will be necessary to repot in a larger container and with appropriate pruning it can be resized to the desired shape. It should definitely not be placed in a humid place or it will die quickly.

The eucalyptus plant and its extracts are very suitable for treating colds. The dried leaves are used to prepare infusions with balsamic, mucolytic, antibacterial and expectorant properties. Essential oils also have the same effects, and are more practical and safe because they are easier to dose. In an infusion or in a herbal tea it is not possible to accurately establish the quantity of active principle, while with the essential oil the dose is precise. This is important since an excessive dosage could create problems. Eucalyptus honey maintains its expectorant properties and is excellent for treating coughs and colds Among the many advantages, the eucalyptus plant also has that of keeping insects away. they are also used to produce fibers to make quality paper, smooth and opaque, and firewood, pellets and charcoal. Finally, the eucalyptus is grown to use the branches in floral compositions.

Eucalyptus plant: Curiosities about the eucalyptus plant

Eucalyptus is known to be the favorite food of koalas, but in addition to this nice detail, the plant is the protagonist of a curious episode. They are found in large numbers in the Agro Pontino area, in Lazio, and in other marshy areas because during the Fascist period they were used as windbreak lines, but also because, given their high water requirement, they helped to reclaim the canals and avoid the stagnation of rain, favorable to the proliferation of mosquitoes. Despite its undoubted benefits, the extracts and essential oil of eucalyptus should be used in moderation otherwise they can have side effects. They must be used in small doses and for limited periods of time. Eucalyptus trees are among the trees that can reach the greatest heights. A particular variety, the eucalyptus Regnans,

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