Evergreen balcony plants

The evergreen balcony plants of Japanese Andromeda

Commonly known as the Japanese Andromeda, Pieris japonica is an evergreen shrub species. Belonging to the Ericaceae family, this plant is native to the Asian continent. The branches are numerous, the posture is bushy and rounded. The foliage is dense and compact, lanceolate or oval in shape, leathery and dark green. Flowering begins at the end of the winter season and continues throughout the spring. The evergreen balcony plantsof Andromeda produce at the extremity of the ramifications, numerous bell-shaped flowers, with a waxy appearance, white or pink, according to the different hybrid varieties and cultivars. Resistant to cold, they do not fear winter frosts and like a soil with a very well drained acid pH. They grow in partial shade or in the shade while irrigations are regular in spring and summer.

Terrace plants, the evergreen genus of Carpentry

The genus of evergreen balcony plantsof Carpentry, includes only one species called Carpentry californica. Belonging to the Hydrangeaceae family, it is native to California and is characterized by the abundant blooms it produces in June. The flowers are gathered in bunches, simple and delicately scented, white in color. The posture of this shrub is compact while the foliage is lanceolate or elliptical, glossy, intense green. These plants fear frost and are grown in environmental contexts with a mild and temperate climate. They adapt to any type of soil and grow luxuriantly in sunny places. They tolerate drought periods without difficulty and irrigations are frequent starting from spring while they are reduced in autumn and winter.

Species of the genus Diplacus, evergreen balcony plants

There are several species included in the genus known by the name of Diplacus, belonging to the Phrymaceae family, they are native to South Africa, North America and East Asia. Evergreen balcony plants suitable for cultivation for ornamental purposes, in mild and temperate climatic contexts. The abundant flowering begins in spring, in the month of April and lasts until the autumn season. The flowers are simple funnel-shaped, usually yellow, salmon pink or orange. The habit is shrubby while the foliage is lanceolate, dark green. These plants must be protected from cold winter currents and temperatures below five degrees. They prefer fertile, well-drained soil while the exposure is sunny. They do not require regular and frequent watering,

Evergreen balcony plants: Terrace plants, shrubs of the genus of Kalmia

Native to North America, less than a dozen species are included in the genus called Kalmia, belonging to the Ericaceae family. Evergreen and perennial balcony plants, they are characterized by the elegant and abundant flowering they produce in late spring. The flowers are gathered in corymbs, the shape is round or flattened in pink, white and red, according to the different varieties. The foliage can be lanceolate, elliptical or ovate, with a leathery appearance and bright green. These plants prefer a soil with an acid pH, well drained to avoid deleterious water stagnation. The exposure is very sunny and sheltered from strong currents; irrigations are abundant and frequent starting from spring and throughout the summer while they are reduced in autumn and winter.

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