Evergreen balcony plants

Evergreen balcony plants

Furnishing with evergreen balcony plants is an opportunity to characterize the external environments of the house. There are many species on the market, such as the Euonymus fortunei ‘Emerald’n Gold, an evergreen shrub with variegated, yellow and green leaves suitable for creating small hedges. It requires a lot of direct light and abundant and regular watering. Another easy to grow evergreen plant is the Fern in all its species, it does not need a lot of light and must be watered constantly both in summer and in winter. It loves humid places sheltered from strong currents. Among the most common evergreen balcony plants for its versatility and easy cultivation is the aromatic Rosemary. It adapts to all terrains,

Evergreen outdoor plants

On the market there are many outdoor evergreen plants suitable for decorating the balcony or terrace of the house. A very common evergreen species is Callistemon, a shrub of different varieties that is characterized by intense green and lanceolate leaves. The flowers are large and colorful, it is a plant that requires a lot of water in spring and summer, in winter it is advisable to place it in a sheltered place. Another specimen of evergreen balcony plantsnot too demanding cultivation is the Pothos in all its different species. Resistant to cold climates, it bears well even the hot ones if watered often and adequately. Typical of the Mediterranean scrub, the Oleander plant adapts perfectly to cultivation on the balcony or terrace. Resistant to hot climates, it has a lasting flowering and requires little water.

Evergreen plants for terraces and balconies

Growing many species of evergreen plants on balconies and terraces is an opportunity to create a relaxing and harmonious green place. An evergreen outdoor plant is Euphorbia with all its different varieties. Suitable for growing in temperate climates, it cannot stand the harsh cold and requires direct exposure to sunlight. In summer it needs to be watered constantly and abundantly. Among the species of evergreen balcony plantsPlumbago is very widespread, with its bushy shape during long flowering, it gives a cheerful glance with its blue flowers. It tolerates the heat well if watered abundantly in summer, in winter it requires an accommodation sheltered from strong currents, it is important that temperatures do not drop below 15 degrees.

Evergreen balcony plants: Evergreen outdoor plants

Among the evergreen balcony plants, a very common type of all its species is that of the geranium. Cultivation is simple and guaranteed over time, flowering begins in spring and continues in summer, requires a lot of direct light and fears cold climates below 12 degrees. Winter flowering, from December to April, for the evergreen shrub Viburnuntinus suitable to be cultivated even near the sea, it is resistant to saltiness. It can be grown in large and capacious pots to allow continuous growth, in fact, it is a plant that exceeds one meter in height if cared for carefully. It has no problems with light, shade or direct light, it lives by adapting perfectly to the climate. Suitable for mild temperatures and shaded contexts is the variety of Maranta,

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