Evergreen climbers

The genus of climbing plants called Lonicera

There are several species of shrubs, evergreen climbers, included in the genus called Lonicera and belonging to the Caprifogliaceae family. These plants are native to North America and the Eurasian continent. They are used for ornamental purposes to cover pergolas and fences, thanks to their vigorous appearance and enveloping posture. According to the different varieties, flowering begins in spring in May and lasts until June. The flowers can be single or grouped in inflorescences, very fragrant, creamy white or red. The foliage is oval or ovate, green with blue tones. They prefer fertile, well-drained soils and cool but sunny exposures. Irrigation is regular and frequent especially in summer,

The evergreen creepersof the genus known by the name of Hedera, they belong to the Araliaceae family and are native to the northern regions of Asia and the European continent. The vigorous and compact habit of these plants is used to cover large vertical surfaces and fences. The numerous stems are equipped with hooks that help vertical development and stabilize the plant. The flowers are not very showy, appear in autumn and are green in color. Depending on the different species, the leaves can be heart-shaped, oval and lobed, variegated in cream color or plain. Hedera plants prefer mild climates, cool and shady exposures. The soil must be fertile and well drained, irrigation is periodic and water stagnation must be avoided. In spring,

Perennials from Maurandia, evergreen climbers

The genus of Maurandia includes evergreen perennials and climbing plants, belonging to the Scrophulariaceae family and native to Central America. These plants thrive in temperate climates and fear winter temperatures below five degrees. Suitable for ornamental cultivation, they are used to cover walls and trellises. They are characterized by the abundant flowering that begins in May and continues until the arrival of the autumn season. The flowers are tubular, trumpet-shaped, according to the different varieties they can be pink, white and purple. The leaves are triangular, dark green. They fear water stagnation and the soil must be composed of portions of sand to ensure proper water drainage.

Evergreen climbers: Evergreen climbing plants called Eccremocarpus

The genus called Eccremocarpus includes five species of evergreen climbers, belonging to the Bignoniaceae family. These plants are native to the southern American continent, are grown for ornamental purposes to cover pergolas and trellises or to create hedges. They grow quickly, the posture is enveloping while the foliage is bipinnate, oval in shape, light green in color. The flowering period generally begins in June and lasts until the end of the summer season. The flowers are tubular, gathered in clusters, they can be orange or yellow in color. Eccremocarpus specimens need well-drained and rich soils. They fear stagnation of water and withstand drought periods, irrigation is regular especially in summer.

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