Evergreen pot plants

Evergreen care

Evergreen pot plants that cannot be missing on a terrace or in a small garden, are the «radiant» ones. Woody plants that do not lose their leaves neither in autumn nor during all the cold months. This kind of plant is also suitable for creating bushes or small hedges; perhaps as a delimitation of a terrace. They do not require special care and should not be pruned, except in the case in which branches break or do not exceed predetermined heights. Watering must be abundant but not frequent. In case you have pot plants insteadevergreen, but indoors, the necessary care is greater. You will have to «dust» the large leaves often, in order to free the pores from the dust that prevents the plant from breathing. Never use detergents for this operation, only a sponge moistened with water.

Evergreens for outdoor use

The potted plantsevergreens are divided into two macro categories: outdoor and indoor. For the outside we also have the possibility of cultivating real saplings. One of these is the olive tree. Potted, it will not develop as much in height as it will tend to widen the trunk. It is an evergreen plant and does not need excessive care. Also for the outside we can use ferns. In this case we will have to place them in a very shady and very cool place. Watering must be constant and abundant. Even among the aromatic herbs we find evergreens: for example rosemary. It too, like the olive tree, does not require special care. If you use its twigs for cooking, remember to always cut them with a well-sharpened scissors; avoid tearing them. Rosemary should never be placed near sage, another evergreen pot plant, in fact the two plants inhibit each other; almost always to the detriment of rosemary.

Indoor evergreen pot plants

For indoor evergreens we can indulge ourselves. Palmette, ficus benjamin, spatifilium with beautiful white flowers and many other varieties. Kenzia is another of the many evergreen pot plants. It is used extensively by interior designers. Imported to Europe in the 19th century, it was immediately appreciated for its aesthetic qualities and also for the little maintenance it requires. Watering every other day and few repottings, as it has a slow growth. In the apartment it can reach, after several years, even a height of 3 meters, while in nature, in tropical jungles even 20 or 30 meters. Ficus benjamin is another evergreen pot plant, which reaches considerable size when in its habitat. In Southeast Asia within its trunks, the Balinese, they build votive chapels where they enter daily to bring gifts to the deities. In «captivity» it easily reaches 2 meters in height.

Diseases and pests of evergreens

Like all plants, evergreen pot plants also get sick. Microorganisms and parasites awaken in spring, in the case of outdoor evergreens. Aphids, spider mites and cochineals, on the other hand, are active throughout the year. Always check the shoots and the invisible part of the leaves well, that’s where these little insects hide. Just in case, your evergreen pot plantsare attacked by these «scourges», you will have to use pesticides or suitable products to eradicate them. Indoor plants also often suffer from mold and rot. This is due to the humid climate and the lack of ventilation of the plant itself. The advice is that, periodically, in the warmer months, take your evergreens outside, always paying attention to the wind or sudden drops in temperature. Even if they do need some care and maintenance, evergreen pot plants will keep you company for quite some time.

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