Evergreen trees

Evergreen trees in the garden

When designing an ornamental garden, the aim is to obtain suggestive chromatic effects also from the flowering of plants at different times of the year. Although they often have colorful inflorescences, the evergreen trees do not offer particularly interesting scenographies during the colder months therefore, if you prefer to have a colorful garden for at least a good part of the year, it will be necessary to cultivate different species at the same time in consideration of the climatic conditions, the type of soil. and the space available. In most home gardens there is not enough space to plant many ornamental trees, therefore the choice of specimens to be planted must be carefully considered taking into account the size they will reach in adulthood.

Broad-leaved trees

Broad-leaved trees develop broad, deciduous leaves and have compact rounded crowns that are particularly decorative. They generally grow faster than conifers and produce good quality woods that are also used industrially. Broad-leaved trees are among others the lime, holm oak and oak, very common in the Mediterranean scrub, capable of exceeding thirty meters in height and developing foliage with diameters of more than ten meters. There are trees of various shapes and sizes capable of harmonizing perfectly with any environment but not everyone can have enough space in their garden. It is therefore necessary to carefully choose the types of trees that you intend to cultivate and take into account numerous factors including positioning.

Classes of evergreen

Evergreens include both deciduous and coniferous trees. The former are mainly found in climatic zones characterized by a little marked seasonality thanks to which growth and photosynthesis take place all year round. The latter, on the other hand, are typical of areas with a more temperate climate where the growing season is limited to periods of shorter duration. The evergreen treesbroad-leaved trees, also called broad-leaved trees, are in fact native to the tropical and subtropical areas of the planet. The climatic area characterized by the Mediterranean scrub or the one in which our country is located allows many broad-leaved tree species, native to the rainforests, to acclimatize perfectly and survive where the territory has characteristics similar to those found in their places of origin.

Today it is possible to buy deciduous evergreen trees of various shapes and sizes and capable of enhancing any type of ornamental garden. Among the most decorative specimens it is worth mentioning: the Magnolia Grandiflora with its majestic posture deriving from a compact crown consisting of intensely colored foliage, an extremely robust trunk and magnificent ivory-white inflorescences. The Rhododendron, an ornamental tree whose flowering offers, for most of the year, spectacular chromatic effects. The Oleander, a modestly sized tree that is very decorative due to its characteristics and luxuriant blooms. Eucalyptus, a large, equally decorative semi-rustic tree with a very large crown made up of leaves that exhale a resinous odor.

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