External masonry kitchens

Outdoor masonry kitchens the first steps to achieve them

The outdoor masonry kitchens give those who have them the great advantage of being able to experience their green space more, with the convenience of being able to prepare the dishes directly outside, without having to go back and forth between the kitchen and the garden. For those who are experts in DIY and do not want to spend too much money, it is possible to create an outdoor kitchen in masonryin a short time. First of all, as with any construction, a project must be drawn after taking the measurements; then it is necessary to procure the necessary materials, ie an adequate number of hollow bricks, cement mortar, a level, a disc grinder, panels and screws. Before proceeding with the work, it is necessary to identify the best place to build the kitchen: it is preferable to place it in a sheltered place, perhaps under a canopy or a balcony and, possibly, on an already bricked floor. Alternatively, you can proceed by creating a brick base.

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Outdoor masonry kitchens how to build them

When building outdoor kitchensin masonry the first thing to do is to lay the foundations. In other words, it is necessary to build the supporting walls of what will later be the work surface: with the perforated bricks it is necessary to raise two walls of at least 80 centimeters in height and 60 in depth. The first panel will be placed above them, which will be cut and modeled, according to the measurements we have taken, with the grinder and then attached with the cement mortar and screws. It will then be necessary to build another shelf and, next to this structure, build two more identical ones. At the end of this operation, all that remains is to assemble the most important parts: in the first shelf we will place the sink that we have bought separately, in the second the hob, with a gas cylinder underneath, while the third shelf we will use it as a worktop .

Outdoor kitchens in masonry models

The outdoor kitchensin masonry they are good for both gardens and terraces. If you are not an expert in DIY or do-it-yourself or if you want a more elaborate kitchen, you can buy pre-made models or have it custom built by expert workers. First you need to understand what type of kitchen you want, if a modular model, that is composed of several pieces, such as one with the sink and the hob, another with the barbecue grill and another with a mini bar, or a basic kitchen with only the essential tools. In any case, it is best to place it away from the windows to prevent any fumes from invading the house. If you don’t want the classic built-in kitchen and you want to opt for a more modern model, then the right solution are the stainless steel outdoor kitchens. Many models are mixed,

Outdoor kitchens in masonry prices

Building the outdoor kitchens in masonryalone means saving a lot of money: in fact, you only need to buy the materials, a sink and a hob to have an essential but functional kitchen. In this case, the cost could be around one thousand euros. If, on the other hand, you turn to a specialized company that will build the outdoor garden kitchen then the price goes up because in addition to the materials you will also have to consider the labor. The expense in this case could vary from 2000 to 5000 euros, depending on the size of the kitchen and the materials chosen. Prefabricated kitchens, on the other hand, are an excellent middle ground because they are already manufactured pieces that will only need to be installed. In this case, the cost could be around 2000-3000 euros, including assembly.

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