External verandas

The external verandas

The external verandas exert a particular charm on all of us, due to their characteristic of being neutral spaces, halfway between inside and outside, which gives us total freedom on the use we can make of them; they are a great way, for example, to enjoy your space even in bad weather and, if well furnished, they can turn into real internal gardens; otherwise they can also be used effectively to expand the spaces of our apartment, if you are able to obtain all the permits to do so, for example by setting up the kitchen in the outdoor space transformed into a veranda. Furthermore, depending on their size and position, the external verandas they can integrate more or less effectively with the external environment, sometimes giving the impression of being protected places but immersed in nature.

One of the most suitable materials for the construction of external verandas is wood; in fact, the external wooden verandas are well suited to be built both in houses that are also made of wood, as is often used in mountain areas, and in brick houses, without the aesthetic result being penalized; indeed, the external wooden verandas, thanks to the naturalness of the material, have the advantage of giving continuity to the environment with respect to the external places, helping to integrate the veranda with the context. Wood has traditionally been used as a building material not only for its great strength, but also because it is a naturally insulating material, and therefore very suitable for this type of construction;

Create external verandas

Wanting to create an outdoor veranda is a desire that, if you have the necessary space, everyone can fulfill; if you are particularly good at do-it-yourself you can also make it yourself, otherwise you can contact both an architect and professionals in the sector, who will be able to create your veranda as you prefer. The external verandas must in fact be designed following all safety standards, since it is almost like creating an extra room, outside or inside the house; in the latter case, it will be easier if you own the entire property while, to create external verandas in apartments located in condominiums, the legislation varies: if the structure is removable you can build it safely while if it is permanent to build it you will need the permission of the other condominiums, of the municipality and,

External verandas: Cost of external verandas

Creating a veranda in your home can be considered a real investment, because in most cases it is permanent architecture that will become part of the design of our home and our garden; for this reason, quantifying how much it costs to build one is difficult because a lot will depend on the size of the environment, on how much the existing architecture will need to be modified, and on the type of materials you want to use. However, considering only the structure, it will be necessary to calculate a minimum cost of 3/4000 euros for a medium-sized wooden outdoor veranda; for other materials, such as glass and metal, the costs are slightly lower, around 2/3000 euros, but we must consider that these materials are more fragile,

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