Fake flowers for wedding favors

It takes a flower for wedding favors

When we talk about wedding favors we are talking about moments in life linked to unique, magical events that we want to celebrate and share with friends and relatives. And then we choose excellent almond, chocolate or fruit confetti, white, red or pastel colors. And then you have to think about the favor, whether to make a bag or a box and choose, in the first case, the type of fabric, whether light and delicate, or precious and worked; the box, on the other hand, if made of paper or plexiglass, transparent or colored. In any case, flowers cannot be missing. How many times have you seen a beautiful composition of fake flowers in a beautiful vase? The vase imagined without flowers is no longer so attractive. Flowers embellish and decorate and your wedding favor will be truly perfect.

What types of fake flowers can be found on the market?

On the market you can find a great variety of fake flowers for your favors: silk flowers, felt, more or less worked fabrics, paper, corn flour, etc. The silk and cotton flowers have colors ranging from pastel shades to very bright ones and lend themselves to original and modern, colorful and youthful favors. They could be an excellent idea for communions and graduations and for special occasions where a touch of liveliness is needed. The flowers in corn paste, precisely because they are made of a natural material, tend to take on shades of color often similar to the originals, provided that a particularly intense effect has not been sought by the manufacturer. They could be used for wedding favors that recall particularly delicate events such as baptisms, communions and weddings.

Using artificial flowers to create bouquets with confetti

Very beautiful and original to look at and incredibly fun to invent are small bouquet compositions that can replace the classic tulle or fabric favor in a very refined way. Give space to creativity and you will get unexpected results. If you want to amaze your guests, you can create compositions made up of small fake flowers of different colors alternating with “rackets” containing colored sugared almonds. All around you can decorate with fake twigs of leaves of various shapes, also obviously fake, finishing the stems with a few rounds of natural or green raffia. The effect will be amazing. Your floral favors will be an excellent idea to make you remember. You can deliver them yourself or have them found at the table as placeholders … they will give liveliness to the environment.

Fake flowers for favors: The language of fake flowers to decorate your favors

It will be a pleasure to invent combinations of colors and shapes to express your creativity and above all your personality. With the choice of the flowers that will be needed to embellish and decorate your favors, you can communicate to whom you will give them your state of mind, the most intimate part that you want to show. In fact, each flower is able to convey a message; the color, then, will help you to make it more evident and immediate. A delicate-looking white flower can immediately make you think of innocence, purity, therefore ideal for an event related to children. An orange blossom recalls the idea of ​​the newlyweds, as well as red roses as a symbol of love. For a degree, very refined and sober, it could be a jute bag favor closed with a flowering branch of laurel,

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