Fake ivy

The fake ivy, a look at its peculiar characteristics

The fake ivy characterizes many environments, internal and external of homes and commercial premises. In fact, it represents a pleasant decorative element and lends itself to many uses. The fake ivy fully resembles the real one, has the same heart-shaped leaves and can be purchased in various shades of green, more or less dark, just like the natural one. Obviously, even the fake ivy has a hanging or climbing structure depending on whether you buy it in rows, hedges or pots. The leaves of the fake ivy are made of polyester, capable of drying quickly in case of rain or cleaning. Fake ivy, like all fake plants, offers tons of benefits. In the first place it does not pose maintenance problems: let’s forget about fertilizing, pruning and watering! Add to this that the

fake ivy and potted flowers» width=»745″ height=»559″ longdesc=»/piante-appartamento/piante-finte/edera-finta.asp»>One of the most common and widespread uses of fake ivy is, certainly, that which sees it replacing natural hedges. In fact, fake ivy is present on the market above all as a solution to cover gates, railings, pool areas or, more simply, to screen passers-by. Faux ivy hedges are composed of polyester leaves and an iron or plastic frame, usually a square mesh roll-up net. Synthetic fake ivy is ideal for gardens and balconies and is proposed as an eco-compatible solution by virtue of the fact that it guarantees savings in water and fertilizers.

How to use climbing fake ivy

Faux ivy is a readily available product. We can buy it in shops dedicated to gardening and do-it-yourself, in shopping centers and even in detergent shops. In these little shops we will most likely find rows of fake climbing ivy. Many people love to use it in the bathrooms of their homes: in this way they believe they can use the fake ivy almost as a piece of furniture, perhaps making it come out of a beautiful white design vase. If you are short of ideas on the possible use of fake ivy, we give you a small suggestion that you can put into practice without spending too much energy.If you have a booth or a plastic or wooden net at home, one that they can climb plants, that’s it!

Fake Ivy: A composition with fake ivy

If you feel creative and you want to give vent to your creativity, you might think about dedicating yourself to a floral composition. If you want to create a project that will last over time, you have to opt for synthetic elements. Fake ivy is what you need! The fake ivy, in fact, thanks to its romantic leaves and its twigs will give a fairytale touch to your project. Let’s think, for example, of a beautiful centerpiece, perhaps to always keep on display, or to use during a dinner as a candle holder. With some sprigs of fake ivy you will be able to form the basis of the composition and, according to your personal taste, add other elements. Obviously we advise you to avoid mixing fresh and synthetic elements. To your fake ivy you can associate plastic apples, berries,

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