Fake outdoor plants

Fake outdoor plants for gardens

There are numerous possibilities to be able to set up your garden in the best way using fake outdoor plants. A perfect solution could be to use reproductions of succulents, even large ones, to be placed wisely to embellish any type of open space. For lovers of the most luxuriant and luxuriant plants, there are perfect duplicates of plants such as the drop cypress, which offers a first-rate scenographic spectacle to the eye thanks to the perfection with which each webbed branch is made. For those who prefer a more exotic type of plant that leads back to warm and tropical countries, the copy of a species such as Chycas Revoluta may be a good choice.

Artificial outdoor plants to divide

To divide spaces and environments with intelligence, the use of fake plants is increasingly a choice that is made very frequently. The success of these items derives from the fact that, once placed, they do not require any type of maintenance such as constant pruning and irrigation. To delimit an area it is perfect to use the reproduction of a plant such as Osmanthus to be placed in large pots to obtain a truly amazing effect with a long duration over time. Even for the creation of large hedges it is possible to turn to the world of fake plants. The market presents the most varied models ranging from species such as Ivy up to modules that imitate all over the Photinia or Buxus hedges. Colors,

Artificial outdoor plants for terraces

A well-kept and furnished terrace can become the main center of the house especially during the summer. Also in this case, artificial plants come to the aid of those who have little time or do not have a good green thumb. To give an oriental touch and of great class, you can use the Bamboo in reeds. It is an article in plastic material with additives to be inserted in vases for the formation of compositions dictated by imagination and inspiration. It usually has a height of around 160 cm and can also become a valid tool for preserving privacy. Agave Lunga can be purchased in various heights to furnish an anonymous corner making it the real protagonist of your outdoor space.

Hanging and climbing artificial outdoor plants

A balcony, pergola or gazebo can be ingeniously decorated with the help of artificial creepers and pendants. Classic Ivy, in green and white colors, is used to gracefully embellish and adorn portions of railings or parts of walls. For an even more lively effect, you can opt for fake Begonia plants that enliven the space thanks to the intense shades present in the leaves. A very versatile product that solves many situations is the climbing wire: an article that allows you to create chain compositions thanks to the comfortable fastenings placed at the ends of each piece. It is an indispensable tool for filling and decorating wooden and iron gratings or for enlivening any empty space with green.

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