Fake trees

The plastic Christmas star

A first decorative hypothesis is provided to users by the purchase of some fake trees purchased especially during the Christmas period or near the latter. This is the famous ‘Christmas Star’, on numerous occasions given by friends and relatives to wish a happy new year to those who really love each other. However, not everyone is able to take care of it and often the plant ends up losing its life and beauty in a few weeks; a solution can be found by purchasing plastic and canvas specimens, easily available in numerous wholesale shops and at the most well-stocked florists, who are sometimes also resellers of plants and fictitious trees; the costs are quite low and usually do not exceed ten euros for each piece (less than fifty centimeters in size).

A second option that you can use if you want to embellish your living room or dining room in a dignified manner, where friends and relatives are welcomed on numerous occasions, is to purchase a happy trunk made of synthetic material. In most cases, these are well-made specimens, which at first glance would lead the observer to believe that they are in front of a real map. However, this is not the case; it should in fact be emphasized that, if you are willing to spend a fair amount to secure one of the many fake treesof this type present on the market, you will be able to make a good impression on any sudden or unexpected visit Obviously, in this case too, we are talking about not very prohibitive figures, in any case less than fifteen euros.

Plastic palm

A third hypothesis, which however differs from the two previously analyzed for the location of the specimen in question, concerns the purchase of a palm made of plastic: in fact, we are now in the presence of fake trees of larger dimensions, which can hardly be placed within a domestic environment and above all they will not be very compatible with the latter. More suitable to be located near a poolside or inside a beauty and relaxation center, to evoke distant and exotic environments, plastic palms offer a very valid and very useful alternative to natural palms, which could be more difficult managed by non-experts in the sector. They can be found in many shops at

Fake trees: Spruce in plastic and aluminum

This fourth and last type illustrated in this short guide on the purchase of fake trees is linked to the first of the plants mentioned above: the Christmas star. The commonality between these two specimens is given for obvious reasons by the period in which their demand increases and therefore the sale to users: the Christmas period. These are real fir trees made of synthetic material and aluminum, which will allow those who buy them to bring a majestic tree into their home without having to uproot a ‘form of life’ for a short period of time from its natural habitat. The costs are at the same time quite low, but vary according to the specimen purchased: we are talking about 20 euros for the smaller plastic firs and at least fifty euros for those of a ‘

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