Fast growing hedges

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The hedge is an excellent solution to delimit the borders of the garden but also to create spaces and areas sheltered from the wind and from prying eyes. Dense and impenetrable, it creates an essential protection for the inhabitants of the house all year round. The choice of the most suitable plants to create the hedge is of fundamental importance. It is necessary to take into account the type of soil, the climate and the type of hedge which can be of medium height or high height, flowery, evergreen, thorny. Particular types of plants guarantee fast-growing hedges, which in a short time complete their development, giving a pleasant and lasting result. Among these we find the Pyracantha, the privet, the Pieris Japonica or the Viburnum, all fast growing and very decorative, ideal for giving color to gardens even in winter,

Pyracantha fast growing hedges

Pyracantha is an evergreen shrub native to Asian areas, which forms thorny, very natural and compact, practically impenetrable fast-growing hedges. It has small oval dark green leaves, and in spring it produces small white flowers that become small colored fruits in the autumn period. These orange or red fruits are gathered in dense, very characteristic and ornamental clusters. It is a resistant and easy to grow plant, which requires annual pruning to maintain the desired shape or simply eliminate the dry branches, preferably to be carried out in spring, and prefers sunny positions because in too shady areas it produces few flowers. It resists well to low temperatures and summer heat, as well as to dry periods.

Privet hedge

The privet is also a plant suitable for obtaining a compact and luxuriant hedge in a short time. It is a plant native to Asia, which may or may not be evergreen depending on the species. In spring it produces very fragrant white flowers grouped in panicles, the leaves are oval and shiny and the shape of the plant tends to be round. Its height varies from two to four meters. For the formation of fast-growing hedges, the Japanese privet is ideal, evergreen and very resistant, withstands winter temperatures down to minus 20 °. Sun or shade makes no difference for the optimal growth of the privet, but it suffers from water stagnation. Annual pruning is used to maintain the shape of the hedge and to limit its growth in height, which can reach up to 5 meters.

Viburnum hedges

Viburnum is an evergreen shrub native to Asia, of which there are almost two hundred species. They are ideal for creating fast-growing hedges due to their fast development, capable of reaching three or four meters in height in a short time, their resistance even to winter temperatures and easy cultivation. They are ornamental plants for their beautiful flowering, with deep green oval leaves and very compact structure. Among the many species, the glossy viburnum is often chosen to create ornamental hedges for its very glossy leaves, with a characteristic aesthetic effect. Pruning is necessary due to the rapid growth of the plant, it allows to maintain its tidy appearance and is carried out in the month of March. Dry and damaged branches must be eliminated starting from the internal branches.

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