Father’s day flowers

Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a widespread recurrence in all countries of the world, the only things that vary are the dates, each country has its own religion and its own calendar. In Italy this anniversary has been set for March 19. This festival was born in the early decades of the twentieth century simultaneously with Mother’s Day. On this particular day, which in Italy coincides with the celebrations of St. Joseph, paternity and all fathers in general are honored. On this feast day, to thank and celebrate our fathers, each of us offers greetings accompanied by a small gift. It is an anniversary to which not everyone is particularly attached, obviously depends on family traditions or on the fact that not everyone has become a father. It is a party that applies to men fathers of any age, from the youngest to the older ones up to even the older ones. Regardless of age, every father expects a little thought from his children that day. But what do you give on this occasion?


There is no specific gift for this holiday, each child gives his father what he might like or what he feels he can give. In kindergarten, for example, the teachers teach children to draw and color so that they can make a little colorful drawing for their dad. In elementary school, on the other hand, teachers usually have their pupils write a poem so that they can read it to their dad on March 19th. In middle school and high school you are already older for drawings and poems and therefore the teachers will no longer be able to suggest a gift for your dad. Does that mean you shouldn’t give anything away on that day? By now it is great to choose for yourself, and so the gift earns us a lot in meaning, it will be appreciated even more by our dad.

Father’s Day Flowers: Flowers for Father’s Day

Among the many gifts that could be given to a father for this occasion, have you ever thought of a flower? Flowers are gifts that are suitable for any type of occasion and person. It is important to know that flowers cannot be given only to women, there is no law that prohibits giving flowers to a man. There are no flowers suitable for men or suitable for this occasion, the choice must be made according to the tastes of the one who has to receive them. Furthermore, flowers have their own language despite not opening their mouths to speak, we can give flowers based on the meaning and what we want to convey to our dad. The difference is mainly in the shapes and colors. A dad will surely be happy to receive a floral gift that will give joy and serenity just by observing it.

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