Feijoa property

What is feijoa

The feijoa is the fruit produced by the Feijoa sellowiana, an evergreen shrub belonging to the myrtaceae family. The tree is generally between one meter and seven meters tall and produces dark colored leaves about five centimeters long. Of Brazilian origins, feijoa sellowiana, despite being a tropical fruit, can also be grown in areas that are not particularly hot, a factor that has contributed to its export to Europe, the continent where it has recently arrived. The maturation of the feijoa generally takes place between September and October. Once ripening is complete, the fruit spontaneously detaches from the tree. It is preferable to collect the ripe fruits from the ground, which are not damaged thanks to the robust skin, rather than manually detaching them from the shrub.

The fruit of the feijoa sellowiana

The feijoa fruit is covered with a full-bodied peel with irregular shapes of dark green color, inside which is contained an abundant and juicy yellowish pulp and a set of tiny seeds. It is a not particularly caloric fruit, which is able to supply the body with about fifty calories for every hundred grams of product. Most of its weight is made up of water (about 80%), a factor that makes it an ideal food to hydrate, especially in the presence of low-calorie diets. Free of fat and rich in vitamins, the fruit of feijoa sellowiana gives off an intense aromatic smell and has a sweet taste, a cross between pineapple and strawberry. Once harvested, the fruit should be consumed within a week.

Feijoa property

The feijoa fruit is rich in therapeutic properties. Thanks to the good amount of fibers present in it, the intake of feijoa promotes intestinal activity and the proper functioning of the intestine. The presence of vitamin C causes feijoa to have an antioxidant action, fighting free radicals and keeping the body fully efficient. Feijoa is used in the medical field to treat various thyroid dysfunctions and, due to the amino acid arginine, which promotes development, is particularly suitable for children. Furthermore, the intake of feijoa improves the cardiovascular system, lowering the cholesterol levels in the blood, helps the nervous system and has excellent antibacterial properties,

Feijoa properties: The feijoa in cosmetics and cooking

The multiple properties of feijoa make this fruit widely used for beauty treatments. The vitamins present in the fruit are an excellent element to purify the skin, making it more elastic and hydrated. Real homemade beauty masks are created through the pulp of feijoa, as well as soaps and shampoos. The feijoa is also used in the culinary field. There are various recipes that involve its use in various types of desserts, such as mousses and cakes. Thanks to this tropical fruit, fresh juices, jams and squeezed juices are also produced, rich in fiber and mineralizing substances. The feijoa is, however, an exquisite fruit to be enjoyed naturally, both peeled and made in a fruit salad. Its flowers are often used to flavor salads.

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