Fence hedges

Flowered fence hedge: Jasmine

If your need is to decorate the borders of your garden or if you just need to hide its interior from prying eyes, the Jasmine hedge is certainly one of the most beautiful existing in nature: its fragrant white flowers accompany the hot season. adorning your garden. This type of hedge, however, needs some precautions: it must be placed in the sun or in a slightly shaded place, it must be watered every 15-20 days, and being a climber, in order to grow it needs supports to lean on; finally, it cannot be planted in particularly cold areas as it does not tolerate harsh winters. If you do not want to give up this very ornamental hedge, but the climate present in the area where you live would not guarantee its survival, you can resort to the false Jasmine;

Flowered fence hedge: the Hawthorn

The Hawthorn, due to its ability to adapt even to the most rigid climates, is a very widespread plant throughout Europe and especially in the Mediterranean basin. It is an ornamental fence hedge that is very beautiful to look at, which never remains bare throughout the year; in fact its dark green, oval-shaped leaves are adorned in the summer with fragrant flowers, while in the winter, these give way to suggestive reddish fruits. Hawthorn does not need particular care and attention, the only precaution concerns the pruning to be done before the vegetative restart of the new season; where you have to arm yourself with patience and cut all the branches that tend to come out of the natural shape of the hedge; and dry ones,

Evergreen fence hedge: Holly

Those who want a hedge that remains thick throughout the year in order to constantly shelter them from the wind or prying eyes, can orient themselves on the different species of evergreens that exist: often easy to prune, they require little attention, guaranteeing a beautiful green color all over. ‘year. The Holly or Thorny Laurel is a very decorative fence hedge, its thorny leaves can be deep green or variegated, and it produces reddish berries; while in May it dresses in spring thanks to its delicate white flowers, which sprout here and there giving it a pleasant and very decorative appearance. Holly is not a plant that needs special care and attention, it can be placed in more shady areas or exposed to sunlight and is not afraid of harsh winter temperatures.

Fence hedges: Evergreen fence hedge: Aucuba japonica

Aucuba japonica is a small evergreen shrub native to Japan, but very popular in Europe as a fence hedge due to its compactness of the branches and large, glossy foliage that make it perfect for this purpose. There are several species, but the most cultivated are those with variegated leaves such as the Aucuba Crotonifolia with green leaves variegated with orange or red; in spring the Aucuba produces clusters of brown flowers, which in autumn give way to reddish berries which last until the following spring; just to favor the proliferation of the berries, it is advisable to plant at least one female and one male specimen close together. This plant prefers semi-shaded positions and fears direct sunlight, while it does not have major problems of adaptability to winter temperatures.

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