Fennel seeds herbal tea

The fennel

Fennel is a herbaceous plant of the Mediterranean area that belongs to the Apiaceae family.

There are two varieties of fennel, the wild one and the cultivated one. The first is a spontaneous perennial plant with a very branched stem and a height that can reach 2 m. it has green leaves and in summer some inflorescences with small yellow flowers. Subsequently, fruits ripen which vary in color between green and gray. The shoots, leaves, flowers and fruits of the wild fennel are consumed.

Cultivated fennel, on the other hand, is an annual or biennial plant with a single thick root that anchors the plant to the ground. The maximum height of cultivated fennel reaches 80 cm, the edible part is the large white lump that forms at the base of the plant.

Properties of fennel seeds

Fennel seeds are used a lot in herbal medicine thanks to the properties that can be exploited against nausea, stomach and stomach pains, to reduce abdominal spasms, aerophagia and meteorism.

Fennel seeds therefore have many uses, but we must remember not to overdo the use since too large doses could cause hallucinogenic effects.

Fennel seeds can be used both as an herbal tea and as a decoction depending on the problem that is encountered.

In fact, fennel is often used to reduce colic in children, but also with an anti-fermentative function and regulating the functioning of the intestine. The fennel seed tea should be used after meals, while the decoction could be used as a cure for up to a week.

Herbal tea with fennel seeds

To make a fennel seed tea it would be necessary to get some seeds and a little honey which should be used for sweetening.

For the preparation, one tablespoon of seeds should be used for each cup of water. The procedure involves infusing the fennel seeds in boiling water.

The infusion should last for 5 minutes, after which the mixture should be properly filtered. To sweeten you should add a little honey in order to also provide a good amount of vitamins.

The infusion should be drunk before meals, in the afternoon or before bed, so that the relaxing action can affect the whole organism, but not exceeding the daily dose of 2 cups of infusion.

Fennel seeds herbal tea: Fennel fruit herbal tea

Another preparation, which uses the fennel plant, provides the dried fruits. It should be necessary to get 2 grams of dried fennel fruits and a mortar in which to crush them. Crushing the fruit in a mortar helps release the essential oil contained in the fennel. To make the herbal tea, 200 ml of water should be boiled and then poured into the cup that contains the fennel fruits. The mixture should be left to infuse for about ten minutes, in order to be able to obtain a good amount of active ingredients. Subsequently the mixture should be filtered to eliminate the fennel fruits remaining in suspension. The herbal tea should not be taken more than 3 times a day to avoid problems.

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