Fertilizer production


Fertilizers are substances widely used both in gardening and in agriculture as they contain elements that allow the nutrition of plants and the correction of the chemical and physical characteristics of the soil. Generally, fertilizers are used to ensure optimal development of plants that are grown for productive and commercial purposes. However, the fact remains that they can also be used to obtain good growth and splendid flowering for garden or indoor plants used for ornamental purposes. A rather obvious thing is that fertilizers, before being marketed and used, must be produced. The production processes of fertilizers, nowadays, are very sophisticated and fast and allow the production of various types: chemical,


Fertilizers of chemical origin are produced through industrial processing processes. Fertilizers of organic origin, on the other hand, are produced through mechanical or manual processes but without the need to use chemicals. Finally, there are the fertilizers of organic mineral origin and they are produced through the reaction of a chemical compound with one of natural origin. The various production methods generally affect both the quality and the price of the fertilizers produced. The production of fertilizers can also take place through a do-it-yourself method and, in this way, it is possible to save part of the costs. The easiest to find and least expensive fertilizers are those of chemical origin. This type of fertilizer must be produced following the guidelines established by international organizations.

Fertilizer production: Curiosities

In Italy, the guidelines are established by Assofertilizzanti, a member of Federchimica. To be sure that the characteristics of the chemical fertilizer purchased or produced are adequate, just consult the websites of organizations that deal with this. The presence of chemical fertilizers in the entire national production is about 63% and therefore it is important to check their composition and production. Another factor that can guarantee us a good fertilizer is the reputation of the production company, and therefore, the brand. The most expensive are the production processes involving organic fertilizers, they are obtained from animal waste, plant remains and organic waste. The waste must be processed through composting plants. As already mentioned above, the fertilizer that makes us save,

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