Fertilizer production


Fertilizers, nowadays, are products widely used by growers and producers. Administering fertilizers to plants means guaranteeing them nourishment and therefore excellent development. Growers can no longer do without fertilizers unless it is plants and soils that do not need the supply of nutrients. Fertilizers are produced and marketed in large quantities due to their high use. As we all know, the process prior to commercialization is production. And it is precisely on this phase that we focus our attention. There are various types of fertilizers on the market, each one has different origins and production methods from the others. The fertilizer production processes, over time, are carried out quickly and without difficulty.

Fertilizer production

The preparation of fertilizers concerns those of chemical, organic and mineral organ origin. Chemical fertilizers are all those fertilizers that are obtained through chemical reactions and industrial processing processes. Organic fertilizers, on the other hand, are all those fertilizers that are obtained through manual or mechanical procedures but without the use of chemicals. Finally, there are the organo-mineral fertilizers which are all those fertilizers that are obtained from the reaction of a chemical compound with a natural one. In addition to these three production methods reported in the previous lines, fertilizers can also be obtained through do-it-yourself methods. The different methods of fertilizer production greatly affect the quality and price of the product. The easiest to buy and cheaper fertilizers are chemical fertilizers. These are produced according to specific guidelines studied by international organizations that deal with this.

Fertilizer production: Curiosity

The production of fertilizers takes place all over the world, in fact, to be sure of the product we buy, it is advisable to choose those of the most well-known or reliable brands or those of local production. The most expensive processing process concerns organic fertilizers, these fertilizers are obtained from the processing waste of animals, plant remains and organic waste. Obviously, everything receives a different processing based on consistency and more. For example, waste scraps are processed with composting plants. To recognize a good fertilizer, especially chemical ones, just consult a website that of an organization that deals with the sector. Usually, in these sites, there are lists containing the guidelines for the production of that type of fertilizer.

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