Fiac compressors

FIAC piston compressors: coaxial, petrol engine, belt driven

FIAC coaxial piston compressors have power between 1 and 3 HP. The self-lubricated products include the hobby range, oil-free electric compressors for DIY amateurs. for the most demanding use we have compressors without air storage tank and those of 6, 25 and 50 liters. they are compact and easily transportable. The lubricated models are of professional type, suitable for craftsmen, plumbers, masons, carpenters, painters. They have electric motors of insulation class F, protected with an aluminum casing. The compressors, from 4 to 9 HP, have internal combustion engines (petrol or diesel) and are powerful, practical and easy to handle. The models with belt transmission, from 2 to 20 HP, have AB compressor units, two-cylinder, single-stage and two-stage, with high performance at low rotation speeds.

Piston compressors: silenced, soundproofed, medical

FIAC compressors produces silenced models from 2 to 7.5 HP, designed for industrial use. They have a particular fairing in ABS insulated with sound absorbing. The SILENT 901 and 951 models, 5.5 and 7.5 HP, are equipped with copper cooling pipes between the compression stages. The innovative soundproofed versions, from 0.75 to 7.5 HP, are the result of technological and stylistic research. The Compact, Whisper, SCS and SSA compressors have a system of powder-coated metal sound-absorbing panels that ensure great silence and zero vibrations. The SSA range, from 3 to 7.5 HP, includes models on the ground, on the 270 or 500 liter tank and on the tank with refrigeration cycle dryer. The Dental Range series offers self-lubricating compressors, from 1,040 to 1,980 watts, for medical and dental uses. They generate hygienically clean air, they are silent and require no maintenance. The Air Tech Series, from 0.75 HP to 2.5 + 2.5 HP, is designed for studios and laboratories.

Screw compressors: NEW SILVER, CRS and AIRBLOK BD and DR

The new series of FIAC NEW SILVER compressors includes silenced rotary screw models that respond to requests for reduced power, from 5.5 to 20 HP. They are made with advanced yet simple and inexpensive technologies. The other new CRS line, from 5.5 to 40 HP, is designed to offer ease of use, high air quality and great reliability. The various models allow a compact and complete installation. The powerful AIRBLOK BD compressors, from 10 to 60 HP, with belt drive, are characterized by an efficient transmission with an automatic belt tensioning device. They are also equipped with cast iron pulleys and conical coupling. The AIRBLOK DR line, from 75 to 125 HP, includes rotary screw compressors with direct drive. They ensure a long life with economical maintenance.

Fiac compressors: FIAC AIRBLOK BD / SD and DR / SD compressors

The other screw models of FIAC AIRBLOK BD / SD compressors, from 10 to 60 HP, with belt drive, use inverter technology which guarantees a significant reduction in energy and operating costs, at an industrial level. The speed of rotation of the motor is adjustable according to the air demands of the user. These models keep the pressure in the distribution lines constant, even if they are very long and if there are no balancing tanks. Energy saving has as a further positive consequence a low environmental impact and the well-being of future generations. The AIRBLOK DR / SD range, from 40 to 125 HP, direct drive, uses highly reliable elements and the AIR ENERGY CONTROL board. The compressor inverter allows to maintain a proportion between the consumption of

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