Ficus binnendijkii

Ficus binnendijkii

Ficus Binnendijkii is a particularly widespread houseplant that originated in Asian areas. This type of plant is known for its widespread use with ornamental function in indoor places. The characteristic of these ficus is to have rather narrow leaves with a drooping posture and free the air from various toxins. Its use for ornamental purposes is very widespread compared to other types of ficus because this species is able to preserve the leaves in a better way and for longer times than the other types of Ficus. It must be said that these plants are able to develop for a few meters in terms of height and have a rather elegant structure. Among the different varieties of this species, the most appreciated is the Ficus BinnendijkiiAlii. This is characterized by its sapling-like structure with a graceful and elegant shape.


The ficus Binnendijkii besides being diffused in the apartments for ornamental purposes are also diffused for their easy cultivation. The best development of these plants can be obtained if they are grown in a warm temperate climate. The ideal temperature to obtain the best of developments is around 18 ° C but, these Ficus, are able to withstand even temperatures equal to 10 ° C. They are plants that need to grow in places where there is a good amount of light but it is good to know that these Ficus should never be exposed to direct sunlight. As for the soil used for cultivation, they are plants that adapt to any soil as long as it is not excessively poor in nutrients. They need to receive abundant and regular watering,

Other treatments

For an ideal growth of Ficus Binnendijkii it is advisable to fertilize both in spring and in summer and the fertilizer to be used is the ternary one. As for pruning, the Ficus do not need real pruning but the important thing is to remove the leaves and branches that have now become dry and those parts of the plant that are damaged. Repotting, on the other hand, must be done during the first days of the spring every two years. It should be done when the plant has no more space in the current pot and a slightly larger pot should be chosen. The dimensions must be increased progressively, as happens almost for all plants adapted to live in our homes, so as not to make their continuous adaptation to indoor life too abrupt.

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