Filtri piscine

Importance of the filter in a swimming pool

Among all the operations to be carried out for the maintenance of an above-ground or in-ground pool, in addition to checking the state of chlorine and the PH of the water, an important check is that of cleaning the pool. In a pool, both on the bottom and on the surface, after a few days, material begins to deposit: crumbs, dander, hair, dead insects etc. The pool filter allows you to capture 70% of these materials, during the filtering phase, operating throughout the day. To complete the cleaning treatment, it is advisable to purchase either a kind of underwater vacuum cleaner, which leaves you free to walk in the pool, cleaning it effortlessly) or to buy brushes with telescopic rods. In both cases these objects are equipped with a tube which must be connected to the suction nozzle of the pump that filters the pool water. This cleaning operation must be performed at least once a week except in the case that the pool has become particularly dirty due to an external factor. There are various models of pool filters on the market: sand, cartridge and diatom filters.

Sand pool filters

Sand pool filters are mainly used in inground pools. They consist of a polyethylene or fiberglass container containing two-thirds quartz sand, in which the water is filtered before being returned to the pool. Based on the pressure, measured by a pressure gauge, it is possible to check when to replace the sand. The dirtier the sand, the higher the internal pressure. The filter also consists of a selector valve, for the various operating modes of the filter: Filtration: The water is filtered by the sand, gets rid of debris particles and then conveyed to return clean to the pool. filtering, the filter gets dirty so it must be cleaned. In this position the sand rises and water deposits the dirt particles that are sent to the drain.Rinse: This operation must always be carried out after backwashing, to rinse the raised sand.Drain: In this position the water is introduced directly into the drain, without passing through the filtering layer. It is used to completely or partially empty the pool.

Cartridge pool filters

The use of cartridge pool filters is suitable for small pools, especially above ground ones. The principle of operation is very simple. The filter is contained in a pump which has two inlets. In the first the pool water enters and in the second it exits to return to the pool filtered and therefore clean. There are no diverter valves, but only a stop valve at the inlet and outlet of the pipes, to avoid water backflow during maintenance operations. Inside there is the real filter, consisting of a cylinder with a paper bellows folding system, which lets the water pass but retains the impurities present in the pool and previously described in the other paragraphs. So to keep the filter as new it is important the frequency of this cleaning,

Pool filters: Diatom pool filters

Diatom pool filters were used in the 60-70s but it is certainly less common than sand filtration, due to the longer time they require in maintenance. Diatomaceous earth from diatom skeletons, which are marine algae, is used for filtration. These filters are distributed evenly on canvas or ceramic supports in the shape of candles or discs. The water, passing through these supports and the diatomaceous earth is filtered and sent back to the pool clean of debris and impurities. As this flour is thinner than sand filters, it guarantees a better filtration quality.During filtration, the diatomaceous earth is compacted and retains the dirt. From an economic point of view, a diatom plant is worthwhile because it costs less than a sand one, the filters are smaller,

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