Fiori Calla

The flowers and plants

Plants and flowers have now become a constant common to many occasions in our life; in fact, saying this is an understatement, because it is true that they (both plants and flowers) are among the most frequent gifts on many types of occasions, but it is also true that their role is not limited to this juncture: our plants are what that best fills the home garden or the balcony where we mainly cultivate our passion for gardening. All this makes them play a dynamically important role in society, which stingy with emotions and feelings but full of commitments and stress, finds in the relaxation of a simple and nature-related hobby such as gardening a perfect way out of the risks of stress. flowers are closely related to plants, also because they are their instrument for reproduction; we see them so beautiful, fragrant, colorful, but their function is not to amaze us, but rather to protect – with petals and sepals – the organs of reproduction of the plant, which very often are both male and female on the same flower . The only connection between aesthetics and function lies in the fact that colors and scents serve to attract insects, which are involuntary protagonists of reproduction because they carry pollen, or the “seed” of reproduction, around and from plant to plant.

Flowers for men

The human being (and in this sense «man» must be understood in the title of this paragraph) has always had a particular bond with flowers; in general it has since the time of the first human beings, still not fully developed in its potential, began to explore the plant world, trying to understand its governing laws and above all trying to understand how and where it could gain some advantage. Alongside this, however, the cult of flowers was already born, which even in the first developed and civilized populations such as ancient Greeks and Romans were appreciated simply because with their appearance they gave a sense of above all mental well-being, because the bright but polite colors and the always delicate scents they hit the human soul directly, coming to reassure it in several cases. It is no coincidence that man almost immediately discovered the direct link between the life of the plant and the flower, recognizing the very important role; not only that, it has learned the best conditions for profitable blooms, which are nowadays required above all in cases of furniture and decoration.

The calla flowers

Calla is a plant that almost certainly has Asian origin but which is currently widespread all over the world thanks to its ability to adapt to all types of temperate climate, a quality facilitated by the origin, however, of such areas, certainly neither of hot deserts. nor of cold deserts. In general it loves a balanced climate, that is without excesses of heat (but above all it is the direct sun that must not be there, while the temperature for a few hours can even go up to forty degrees) and cold (night frosts), but before everything else is the humidity of the air to be fundamental: like almost all plants of Asian origin, even the calla loves the fairly evident humidity, with a note that concerns the recirculation of air, which must never be lacking because otherwise this would cause the humidity to stagnate and this is a condition that plants like calla lily (and orchid, perhaps a close relative) do not tolerate at all. But what is it that makes the calla recognizable everywhere? They are its flowers: large, pronounced but simple, elegant and with colors with unique shades but still particular and able to never go unnoticed.

Calla Flowers: Decorations and Gifts

Like all gardening enthusiasts and flowers in particular, they are used for two purposes above all, namely the decoration of closed environments (especially apartment interiors and rooms for ceremonies) and the gift for important occasions. In both these situations, flowers are preferred to everything else because they adapt amiably to the most disparate eventualities that can be encountered in life: with flowers you can wish a happy anniversary in a romantic way (red roses), you can wish good recovery (flowers from field to bouquet), churches can be decorated for weddings and ceremonies (the white calla here is almost unbeatable), but with the same flower you can also celebrate a deceased, with the style of the composition that must vary very little. Well, we practically go from one extreme to the other and this can only make us understand how the flowers adapt quickly to every situation, but above all that they manage in each of these situations to convey in a precise and never misplaced way the message that we ourselves entrust their. Attention, this message is not the attached «note», but is the feeling, the emotion with which we decide to buy a bouquet or bundle of flowers and donate it: automatically all this will travel from our heart to its destination, and this also happens with the calla lilies.

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