Fiori da terrazzo

Terrace plants and flowers

The terrace can become an excellent substitute for the garden and offer the possibility of delighting in cultivating plants and flowers, which adapt to being in pots or planters and which in any case do not need much space to vegetate and develop. When choosing terrace flowers and plants, it is first of all necessary to evaluate the exposure and consider whether it is very sunny or shady, the space available and the time that can be dedicated to their maintenance. If the terrace enjoys a lot of light, dwarf conifers are the best plants. They are evergreens, which grow slowly and do not reach a meter in height. Resistant to any temperature, they do not require special care and moreover in the vase in which they are planted it is possible to insert other flowers such as daffodils, roses or tulips and play with colors.

Summer terrace flowers

Summer is the best season to enjoy the terrace and turn it into a small garden in which to welcome friends or relax alone. The flowers from the terrace summer if carefully chosen and put into a residence in time starting from the spring as well as enliven the environment with their flowery and colorful bouquet help to ward off pesky mosquitoes, such as jasmine. In particular, the Sambac cultivar, which is suitable for living in not too large pots, in neutral and drained soil, is perfect for terraces exposed to the sun. Among the terrace flowers summer also geraniums, begonias, surfinias, dahlias that with their great variety of colors, planted in pots and planters of different sizes and harmoniously arranged can help to give a well-kept and lively image of any small or large terrace.

Terrace flowers: tulips and achimene

Tulips are ideal as patio flowers. They develop vertically, do not take up much space and are perfectly suited to being housed in pots. Colorful and fragrant, they require a soft and basic soil, well drained, sun and warm temperatures. In addition, they must be watered regularly in summer and fertilized every two months. Achimene with its chromatic varieties are summer terrace flowers that, when placed in planters, help to adorn any outdoor environment in a joyful way. They are evergreen plants, which bloom from summer to autumn. They require sun, but not direct, warm temperatures, a soil enriched with peat and sand, which must always be kept humid. They must be watered regularly with warm water and fertilized every two months.

Hibiscus and hydrangeas

For those who love to see their terrace in bloom in the summer, the hibiscus, a bushy evergreen plant, with its bluebells of different and nuanced shades, allows you to create a truly paradisiacal atmosphere in the external environment. These patio flowers need sun and light, moist, fertile soil, and regular watering in order to grow and bloom. They reproduce by cuttings, must be repotted every two years and must be fertilized periodically.Hydrangeas are terrace flowers, which do not need much care. They are very resistant, they need sun and shade and in summer they must be watered abundantly every day, especially if it is very hot. To have full inflorescences they must be fertilized starting from March, a period in which they must also be pruned.

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