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Flowers for occasions

Flowers have always been a much appreciated connection bridge between our feelings and others, intervening with great effectiveness where even the many and complex words fail to reach. In fact they are among the greatest works of nature, because they carry with them the precious gift of beauty and the ability to amaze on every occasion. Also for this reason, flowers are among the most popular gifts, because they are able to adapt extraordinarily to both a birthday and a funeral, in which case, even if for an unpleasant reason, they are able to show the sign of closeness without interfering. never with the delicate feelings of the moment. Not even the most capable poet would know how to do better, as words have a limit, which must and can always be interpreted.

Flowers for diploma

Having said that flowers are very good for any occasion, one wonders if this is really possible even in strange situations such as a diploma: it is also true that in our society every recurrence, every event and every scholastic achievement becomes an opportunity to reward with a gift, in honor of consumerism. But luckily there are people who appreciate a gift for the meaning it carries and not for the price tag, so that’s why flowers are perfect: the gift of a floral bouquet for graduation is a sweet and meaningful way to to congratulate the person who through his «maturity» is increasingly entering the world of adults, which offers many possibilities but also many responsibilities and who needs every possible wish. This doesn’t just apply to young women,

Diploma flowers: Most suitable species

For most of the occasions in which flowers are given (almost all) there is a plant species favored by the market and to which we, as a society, have given a meaning; the classic example, wanting to stay in school, is that of the degree: this very important personal achievement is associated with the red color as a wish and the best-selling floral species of the occasion is the red rose, seen as a wish and good luck for entry into the world of work. Unfortunately for the occasion of the diploma there is no such decision, therefore there is neither a favorite species nor a more suitable color, also because flowers as a gift for a diploma are much less frequent. But when you want to act in this way, it seems the best solution is a bouquet with various species and all colored,

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