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Spring flowers list the bulbous ones

Spring is a sign of rebirth, with its first blossoming flowers. If we want to plant some, just check the exposure of our balcony or garden and that’s it! Here is a good example of a list of spring flowers to plant in your own building. Hyacinths, Narcissus, Iris, Tulips and Muscari bulbs, can certainly be grown both in the garden and on the balcony. Iris is a bulb flower (the production of flowers occurs through the bulbs) that blooms in spring. We can find it in different colors, the one that is best known is blue with yellow shades, which grows best in a sunny place. The Narcissus already brings with it a story, even in this case we are faced with a bulbous, in fact there are hundreds of species.

Spring flowers shrub list

Among the best known shrub plants we find the Camellia, whose flowering occurs in the winter. However, there is a type of camellia with spring flowering such as Alba Plena, which is a resistant variety that came to us from China in 1794. The flower of this camellia is pure white, has beautiful arched and rounded leaves and its flowering it begins in early March, due to its conformation it is perfect for a bridal bouquet. The shrub peony is a plant with great adaptability and has the characteristic of growing both in height and in width until it becomes a flowering bush, therefore it needs adequate space. It blooms from mid-April to late June, depending on the variety. Its colors range from white to all shades of pink with a touch of lilac.

Spring flowers list for flower beds or shrubs

Among the spring flowersto put on the list can not miss the Primula, a flower that already in its name recalls the beginning, in fact it is among the first to bloom in spring. There are up to 5000 varieties. Its flowering designates the end of winter and has minimal requirements: a soft well-drained soil, a well-ventilated place (without excesses) and an exposure not directly to the sun. Lilac, Currant, Hamamelis and Dpahne are all spring flowering shrubs and, although their growth is notoriously slower, they do not require pruning. Lilac grows well in a garden in the sun, it does not fear the cold and summer heat. There are also various species of Hamamelis, which need a well-drained soil, rich in humus and with an acidic pH. The Dpahne flower usually blooms in February and the plant has the

Spring flowers list of flowers to cut

If you have enough space, why not plant flowers that, once cut, color our home? Tulips are beautiful spring flowers, very decorative and easy to grow. The only element they need to grow and produce flowers is the cold, they must be planted during the autumn at a distance of 15cm. Digitalis purpurea Pam’s Choice, is an imposing plant that blooms in May, its bell-shaped flowers are two-colored, white with a cherry-colored interior. It lends itself well both as a border (hedge) and in the pot, the ideal exposure is both in the sun and in partial shade. Thanks to its size it can reach one meter in height, it can also be cut to decorate the interior of our homes. Freesias, with an unmistakable scent that characterizes spring,

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