Flax seed

Flax seeds: main uses and properties

Flax seeds are extracted from the homonymous plant (linum usitatissimum). Belonging to the Linaceae family, flax has been cultivated since ancient times, thanks to the wide use that has always been made of its fiber. In fact, many derivatives are derived from linen, such as fine natural fabrics, paper, even medicines. The seeds vary according to the type of plant: they are generally small and brown in color, but there are also white flax seeds. They too boast numerous applications in the most varied fields: medicine and cosmetics benefit from the emollient, protective and nourishing properties of these seeds capable of protecting the body and even carrying out a preventive and curative action in multiple and disparate ailments. In the management of the house, on the other hand, oil extracted from the seeds is used to polish the wood. Easily available in specialized stores such as herbalists and organic supermarkets, flax seeds can be found effortlessly even in large-scale distribution. To keep its properties unaltered, we recommend storage in dry places and not exposed to direct sources of light and heat.

Flax seeds in nutrition

Flax seeds are widely used in our tables. Rich in substances and properties that make them real natural food supplements, they can be ingested even for a long time without causing damage or disturbances. This happens because, within them, they contain a huge variety of minerals and Omega 3, as well as important substances such as acids and fats, essential to our body. For this reason, the ingestion, even daily, of flax seeds can only be good, indeed: it is a real cure-all. The recommended dose is three tablespoons a day. But how to consume them? We can mix them, raw, with rich salads or add them to various foods, for example fruit salads or other cereals, letting our imagination drag us: the only trick is to be careful not to cook them: in this case, in fact, we would lose much of their property. Alternatively, the seeds can be consumed alone, after having left them to soak in water. No problems related to their long-term consumption have been found, on the contrary: thanks to their high nutritional value, flax seeds are particularly indicated in vegetarian and vegan diets.

The use of flax seeds in cosmetics

Flax seeds find a very wide field of application in the world of cosmetics. The ever-increasing attention to eco-sustainable solutions and the constantly increasing search for natural products, has allowed numerous articles based on these seeds to be launched on the market, both for the body and for the skin. In particular, the oil extracted from flax seeds is a cure-all for the hair: applied to the hair, especially on the tips, it not only makes the hair shinier, but removes frizz. The use of linseed oil on the hair can occur mainly in two ways: as a pack before shampooing, to make the hair brighter and softer, nourishing it deeply, or after washing and before drying, to avoid frizz and protect the ends.

Flax seeds: Uses in herbal medicine

The use of flax seeds for medical purposes is ancient and well known. In particular, natural medicine recognizes these grains anti-inflammatory and regulating properties of normal intestinal functions, but not only: the emollient properties of flax seeds are exploited to soothe irritation due to hemorrhoids, to relieve cystitis and protect the cardiovascular system, preventing the ailments connected to it. Cough, rheumatism and problems related to the urinary tract in general can also be cured thanks to the numerous beneficial properties of these seeds. This is possible thanks to the purifying, as well as flaming effect, to be attributed to them. Recommended in pregnancy (they would improve the development of the baby’s cerebral cortex), in menopause against osteoporosis, we cannot ignore the important preventive role played by flax seeds against tumors, especially in the colon, prostate and breast. The entire immune system is therefore strengthened and protected. The benefits of flax seeds for the body are all-round and just a simple constant intake is enough to take advantage of them.

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