Floral arrangements for weddings

Floral arrangements for weddings in every season

Seasonal flowers always represent the fastest, most ecological and economical solution to decorate your wedding in the best possible way. A summer wedding will allow you to choose flowers with warm and sunny colors, such as broom, snapdragon, dahlia or sunflower. The delicate shades of autumn instead characterize the calla lilies, the orchid and the crocus. If your wedding will be celebrated in the cold winter months, the most suitable flowers are surely the carnation and the snowdrop, while the choice to insert holly in the decorations will represent a nice hint to Christmas, in case the wedding precedes it by a few days. The favorite season of the spouses is always spring, which offers a very rich floral variety: peonies, lilies of the valley, freesia, iris, jasmine, roses, daisies, tulips. There

The legend of the orange blossom

The very fragrant and delicate orange flowers, also called orange blossom flowers, are one of the best known symbols of marriage: their importance derives from an ancient legend that tells of a Spanish sovereign, who received a gift from a splendid girl orange tree, which he had planted in his garden. An ambassador visiting the castle asked to be given a sprig as a gift but the king refused; the man then turned to the gardener who granted his wish and was awarded 50 gold coins, which he decided to use as a dowry for his daughter. Thanks to this rich sum of money, the girl was able to find a husband and on the day of the desired wedding she decided to adorn her hair with a sprig of orange blossoms, as a sign of thanks to the plant that had given her the opportunity to get married,

The bride’s bouquet

The bouquet is delivered to the bride’s home on the morning of the wedding, directly from the florist or the best man; it is a fundamental element, the real protagonist of the most exciting moments of a wedding: from the entrance to the church to the photo shoot up to the traditional «launch», often a happy ending to the wedding celebrations; for this it is important that it is composed with care and competence and that it is at the same time beautiful and resistant. The bouquet must always be combined with the bride’s dress, preferably white and with small flowers if the dress is classic; in the case of more eccentric dresses, even the bouquet can be enriched with colored ribbons and flowers with more decisive colors, without ever forgetting the rules of refinement and good taste. The bouquet holder,

Decorations for the church and the restaurant

Whether the wedding is celebrated in the church or at the town hall, floral arrangements for weddings must always be in harmony with the environment, usually in tune with the bride’s bouquet, even if it is not a mandatory rule. In the case of churches, since these are often not too bright environments, it is preferable to choose very light colors for the decorations; flowers can also be accompanied by candles. In the case of civilly celebrated weddings, with the exception of candles, the decorations must not be too different from those present in the church. For the location where the reception will take place it is allowed to indulge in more imaginative and colorful solutions, according to the tastes and preferences of the spouses: tables for newlyweds and guests, the one for the dessert buffet or dedicated to cutting the cake, the eventual bar or the spaces to be dedicated to the dance and the throwing of the bouquet can include a wide range of decorations; even in this case, however, it is essential to follow the rules of good taste.

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