Floral arrangements

Floral arrangements

Flowers, with their innumerable qualities and shades of color, can truly be the protagonists of some of the best moments of our life and, thanks to them, a party or a particular occasion can become even more special. Thinking of floral arrangements, to be made on your own or to be commissioned to expert people, to embellish a party or a ceremony, is a great way to cheer up our guests and receive them in an elegant environment, which involves a low cost. Being received in an environment, which can be both external and internal, with a successful floral arrangement can make the time spent in company more pleasant and touch the soul of even less sensitive people, collaborating in making an event succeed and in make it remember as very pleasant.

Floral arrangements for ceremonies

Floral arrangements are widely used especially in the case of weddings and baptisms; in these cases we tend to prefer floral arrangements with delicate colors, white, or in any case with soft and pastel colors, from pink to blue. However, nothing prevents you from following your own personal taste in designing your own set-up, especially if for a party or for a business event; with brightly colored flowers you can obtain beautiful contrasts, which can add character to formal environments or underline the characteristics of commercial products or simply indulge our desire for originality. The florist you will contact will be able to show you the best flowers and combinations for the occasion, even by ordering them specifically for you and even if you want to create a do-it-yourself setup.

Making floral arrangements

Making floral arrangements is possible both on order and on one’s own; a lot therefore depends on the use that you will have to make of it and on how big the room to decorate is. If, for example, you want to create floral arrangements for a table, you can obtain excellent results simply with a sponge base, which can be purchased at any florist, wire, some twine and colored ribbon, and of course a series of flowers of your choice; if, on the other hand, you do not feel inclined to do it yourself or you need to create an arrangement for one or more environments, it is preferable to contact professional decorators who will be able to give you certainty for the set-up times and who, knowing the appropriate types of flowers, will be able to guarantee you. freshness for the duration of the event or ceremony.

Cost of floral arrangements

Even for the costs of floral arrangements, it all depends on the use you have to make of them and the type of flowers you choose. Making floral arrangements for a dinner or as a centerpiece involves a minimum expense and with 10/15 euros you can already create compositions that will surely be appreciated by your guests, with the added satisfaction of having made them personally; for the setting up of environments and for particular ceremonies, on the other hand, the cost increases and tends to start from around 300 euros but can vary a lot also based on the difficulty of making the model you choose; in some cases, however, for example on the occasion of weddings, it is possible to organize with the florist in such a way that the decorations made for the church, for example,

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