Floral compositions

How to make floral arrangements

To create long-lasting floral compositions with a pleasant aesthetic effect, you must first choose seasonal flowers, as intact as possible in appearance. In addition, in proportion to the flowers, the right amount of green must be added, consisting of leaves, twigs or ears, to give our composition more variety and dynamism. The choice of flowers must also be made taking into account the characteristics of the environment in which we are going to place our composition: whether it is a living room, a living room or a kitchen, it is very important to evaluate the color of the walls or the dominant one in the furniture elements, choosing our flowers accordingly. The vase is also not to be neglected: whether it is long and narrow or lower and wide depends on the length of the stems and the type of flowers.

The conservation of fresh flowers

Unfortunately, a composition of fresh flowers has the disadvantage of not lasting very long: however, there are small secrets to make the flowers wither less quickly, for example cutting the last piece of the stem obliquely, using a knife with a sharp blade; then we make a vertical cut of about one centimeter, always in the terminal part of the stem: at this point our flowers are ready to be placed in the vase. The water, at room temperature, should be changed every day, possibly with the addition of a tablespoon of cane sugar and one of vinegar: the amount of water must never be excessive and cover the stem only for half. It is also necessary to guarantee the flowers a good air exchange and keep them as far as possible from lamps and heaters, as well as from a

Compositions of dried flowers

The alternative to the withering, unfortunately unavoidable, of fresh flowers is represented by the compositions of dried flowers, which are also highly effective and easy to make. Better to focus on flowers that are not too rich in sap, to be collected on hot days: lavender, violets, roses, lilies of the valley are to be preferred because they contain little water and are not prone to developing mold. The drying process is quite simple, especially if it takes place in a space completely devoid of humidity and subjected to drafts: the flowers should be placed on a table covered with newspaper, left there and turned over after a couple of days; you can also hang them, in the garden or on the balcony, upside down and held together in bouquets. When the

Floral arrangements for every occasion

Every important occasion can be celebrated with the right floral composition: at Christmas the traditional star combined with fir twigs or red berries is always effective, as well as being a very welcome gift. Red, the Christmas color par excellence, is also very suitable to celebrate an important milestone such as graduation, although it is by no means mandatory: for good luck it is better to make a bouquet with flowers in odd numbers; roses, tulips, daisies are almost inevitable in a composition for a degree, as is the laurel, traditional symbol of wisdom and knowledge. It goes without saying that flowers are the protagonists on the occasion of a wedding; we only think about the bride’s bouquet and the decoration of the church and restaurant: the choice of flowers also depends a lot on the season but white roses,

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