Floral decorations for weddings

The choice of floral decorations for weddings

The first doubt that arises once the wedding flower arrangements project has begun, is which flowers to use. For most it could be an extremely difficult choice, so we want to help you by giving you advice on the main types of flowers and their meanings.The rose symbolizes love and each of its colors has an individual meaning. The orchid is an exotic flower of different colors and represents beauty and refinement, as well as the calla, which however is more sumptuous. The carnation instead is mono-colored and represents friendship, sweetness and fidelity. Instead, be wary of sunflowers, as beautiful as they are fake.For the most romantic weddings, the tulip and the peony are ideal as they are both delicate and represent respectively passion and happy marriage.

The choice of flowers (the bouquet)

Let’s continue with what, after the dress, is the most important element among the floral decorations for weddings: the bouquet. In fact, the bouquet represents the light point that highlights the figure of the bride, giving her harmony and elegance. There are different traditions behind the delivery of the bouquet: one of these says that it must be double, a smaller one, delivered to the bride’s home; it will be used for the classic ritual photos. The other, on the other hand, is delivered by the groom before entering the church, and then awaits the bride accompanied by her father. To choose the bouquet that can satisfy our needs, it is necessary to take into account personal preferences, the type of dress and its color, and as discussed in the previous paragraph, the language of flowers. Avoid flowers that can give off an unpleasant odor, such as daisies or some types of lily. Also avoid very delicate flowers, since the bouquet will often be held in the hands and it is better that it is not too big, that it is easy to carry, so as not to tire the bride; a successful bouquet will be the one that does not clutter, that does not hide the figure of the bride, ruining the harmony.

The choice of the florist

In any case it is good to rely on a good florist, who has a wide choice of flowers and plants and who has the necessary skills to support you in your choice. It is necessary to specify the main theme of the wedding, be it vintage, classic, romantic or alternative, and get advice on the arrangements based on the flowers of the season. By talking to your florist, you can design together the most elaborate arrangements and patterns that best meet your needs. Once the decorations have been prepared, it is necessary to check the completed work and agree on the delivery and installation methodology. The ideal would be to reserve for each table of the guests, a large raised bouquet, perhaps that takes up the colors of that of the bride.

Flower arrangements for weddings: Outdoor weddings

For those who get married in the summer or for those who can afford a wedding in some exotic place, there is the possibility of organizing the reception outdoors and why not, even celebrate the ceremony outside. take advantage of nature to make the most of the location and create the ideal atmosphere. The location must be large to give the guests the necessary space to have fun without feeling cramped and allow children to play, perhaps in a space set up for them. There are various types of floral decorations that can be installed outside, first of all the wedding arch, the symbolic and decorative touch where the spouses seal their love. Or why not, a nice gazebo to fill with flowers; in this case climbing plants are ideal which, twisted around the beams, they will give a natural touch to the installation. Beware of the possible attack of insects, so get the necessary products. It is not mandatory that there is continuity between the floral decorations chosen for the church and those for the reception as the two locations obviously have two different styles.

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