Floral decorations

Floral decorations: the new furnishing accessory

Is there a corner of your home that looks a bit bare, empty and almost unkempt? Perhaps it would take a sophisticated detail that gives new light to this forgotten cave, that completes it and enhances the room in the best possible way! Don’t worry, you don’t need to hire an interior designer … have you ever thought about using floral decorations? Floral decorations are splendid compositions designed to furnish with elegance and refinement. Thinking about floral decorations, you will think of a church decorated on your wedding day, but floral decorations can be much gentler and less invasive. Even a small bouquet could be considered a floral decoration and, with a little imagination, a good dose of application and maybe a trip to the florist,

DIY flower arrangement: the project

You don’t need to be a skilled gardener or a super expert in plants and flowers to create beautiful floral decorations directly at home with the old, but always suggestive, DIY method. All you need is to know where to start. In fact, it is not enough to combine a couple of leaves and a few flowers to create a real decoration. First of all, forget about flowers, ribbons, leaves and vases: take a sheet of paper and a pencil, because your floral decoration will start from here! Try to put on paper what you are imagining in your head. Design your furnishing accessory the way you want it. It might seem trivial to you but, at least in the early days and until you get carried away, seeing your work in black and white will give you a huge help in making it happen!

Realization of floral decorations

After defining the result to be achieved on paper, you are ready to create your floral decoration. If you have flowers growing in your garden or terrace, you can use those, or you could go to your local florist to buy some pretty stemmed flowers or decorative leaves. Once you are sure you have all the necessary materials and tools, you can start composing your creation! In the creation of floral decorations you can use both fresh and dried flowers. If you have chosen to use freshly picked flowers, you should be aware that your artwork could lose its beauty within a few days. Keeping the beauty of fresh flowers unchanged is impossible, yet there are products on the market,

How to dry the flowers

Fresh flowers are beautiful, but sometimes you don’t have the opportunity to create new arrangements every week. So why not use dried flowers? There are some beautiful ones on the market, or you could make them yourself. For the most common flowers the procedure is really very simple. Take each stem individually and remove all the leaves. Once this is done, collect the flowers and make a bouquet. With the help of some string, tie the cut ends of the flowers firmly. This step is very important because the flowers should not be able to slide off the bunch easily. Once this is done, you just have to hang your bouquet of flowers upside down, in a room that is not very bright and possibly not too humid.

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