Floral paintings

Floral paintings

If you love nature and would never stop observing flowers, you can think of decorating your home with beautiful floral paintings. Floral paintings can either be purchased online or in person at painting shops, or created by yourself following your own artistic inclinations. They are an excellent piece of furniture to brighten up your home environments and lend themselves well, according to taste, to being hung in the room of your choice, in the living room, in the bedroom and even in the kitchen. With the floral paintings you can then create beautiful combinations, both with the colors of the other furniture you own, and with the curtains, the bedspread or the sofa cover, in order to create elegant environments that recall a flowery meadow and bring spring directly. in your home.

On the market you can find floral paintings of all kinds, both on canvas and printed and, depending on your preferences, you can buy them in both modern and classic style. You can also have floral paintings printed on a material of your choice, for example plexiglass, with the measures you prefer, so that you can better design the decoration, not only of the walls but also of wardrobes or other furniture, for example. There are also floral paintings composed of several contiguous panels, even of different sizes, to create a modern and effective furniture, even with a classic subject such as that of flowers. The paintings that are on the market are well suited to all needs, but if you prefer you can also contact a painter who realizes the painting directly on your order, to have a unique work of its kind.

Where to hang floral paintings

Designing the decor of a wall in such a way as to obtain the maximum decorative effect is not difficult, as long as you already have a clear idea of ​​the position in which you want to hang your floral paintings, before making holes in the wall. If, for example, you have a rather large living room, you can hang a single painting, of a very large size, which occupies almost the entire wall, above the sofa, or behind the dining table: this position is however not recommended for a medium-sized room. dimensions, because it risks making it appear smaller than it actually is; in this case, instead, it will be better to prefer a series of small floral paintings to hang next to each other, but in a staggered position, in order to obtain an irregular effect but pleasant to look at as a whole.

Prices of floral paintings

Floral paintings are truly an article that is suitable for all budgets and the price tends to vary especially according to the material on which you want to print it and according to the preferred measures. A 100×80 floral print on paper can be purchased for 10/15 euros; if you want it printed on canvas, the price can increase up to 60/70 euros. Different is the case in which you want unique floral paintings, painted only for you and that no one else has: each painter has their own prices but basically it is likely that you will not go to spend less than 150 euros for a 100×80 painting because in that case you will pay not only the canvas, but also the colors and other materials used and the time it takes the painter to paint; however, if you have chosen the artist well, you will find yourself in your hand a real work of art.

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