Floral wedding decorations

Floral wedding decorations

Floral decorations for weddings are an integral part of the style of the latter. The flowers and colors that we are going to select to characterize the ceremony and celebration must necessarily be in line with the clothes chosen, the places and the season in which everything will take place: in October, for example, it will be appropriate to opt for typical autumn colors and decorations. with colors such as orange, yellow and brown reminiscent of dry leaves, in summer instead pastel colors or reminiscent of the sea and holidays, in winter cold colors associated with ice such as blue combined with various shades of blue and white, finally, in spring, which is the triumph of flowers and awakening nature, you can indulge yourself with particularly rich and multicolored decorations.

Decorations for the church

The floral decorations that absolutely cannot be missing in the church are: a composition for the altar, decorative rosettes for the benches that host the guests to the ceremony, some bouquets of flowers, the bouquet for the bride and those, more discreet, for the bridesmaids. Overly opulent decorations are not ideal for church decorations that require a more sober style as a sacred place. An inspection during which we will pay attention to the details can provide us with an idea for the colors: we observe the tone of the woods, the architectural style of the structure, the color of the fabrics: all these details will suggest us which colors can be more or less appropriate, the more suitable flowers and the most appropriate style that will also be agreed with the priest.

Decorations for the hall

Beautifying the reception room is the most fun part because the one in which we have the most chance to indulge ourselves. The decorations can be sumptuous, creative, elegant, the only brake will be our imagination: the floral embellishments can be combined with bows, candles, ribbons and balloons. To keep the room elegant, however, it is essential to keep in mind the order and symmetry that are very important in order not to convey an image of neglect to the guests. When the celebration is outdoors you can dare with particularly informal and creative decorations while if the reception is in a closed room, such as a restaurant, it is better to focus on a somewhat minimal, refined and refined style.

Wedding bouquet

The choice of the bouquet is very personal because it has to talk about the couple, the bride, the hopes and expectations of the wedding. The flowers to compose the bouquet can be those of the first date, the bride’s favorites or they can be selected by inquiring about the meaning according to the language of the flowers: all flowers have different meanings based on gender and color: red roses symbolize passion , the pink ones a delicate and respectful love, the white ones recall purity and so on. To create an original bouquet, you can consider the hypothesis of composing one made up of very large flowers with few green decorative parts, or, conversely, you can focus on a smaller than normal bouquet. For a classic style, on the other hand, the bouquet dev ‘

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