Flower arrangements for wedding

How to choose the flowers for your wedding

Marriage is one of the most complex receptions to be carried out precisely by virtue of the expectations of both future spouses who often pour the expectation of a life into a single day. It is no coincidence that marriage is called in jargon “the most beautiful day of life” just to testify to the care that the couple puts in organizing it and making it sublime. The highlight of any wedding are the flowers. Both those used in composition as an ornament of the location and refreshments, and those that the guests usually give. Each flower has a precise meaning and it is good to keep this in mind to avoid making a fool in front of the bride and groom. giving an imperial lily to a bride is a beautiful idea because it means purity and elegance, instead giving a yellow rose can create problems as it is a symbol of jealousy.

The best flower arrangements for weddings

Each couple has their own wedding and each couple has their own taste and story, so it is very difficult to generalize by recommending flower arrangements for weddings that are not specifically requested by the interested parties. The choice often starts from personal experiences, from details of the love story or more simply from family tradition. A classic wedding must also respect the traditions regarding the floral choice, so a beautiful bouquet of orange flowers or white roses can be indicated. An extravagant wedding requires sophisticated flowers. Another variable is the location, because an outdoor wedding is affected by the seasons and the seasonality of flowers, an indoor reception in a very crowded room must follow other parameters to prevent the flowers from spoiling before the end of the ceremony. For this it is worthwhile to seek advice from an expert consultant.

Giving flowers to a wedding

Giving flowers is always an appropriate choice even if giving them to a wedding is risky as you must be sure to meet the pleasure of the spouses and avoid giving flowers with an ambiguous meaning. Once you have verified the message that you will carry through a flower, you will have to avoid giving too showy flowers because they would obscure the importance of the floral compositions already present in the room. A flower given must always be a symbol, never a sumptuous excess of zeal. So get out of your head huge compositions but folded on minimal bouquets to pay homage to beauty without covering it up. The trick is always to contact a professional florist and get help in the choice. Accompanying the floral gift with a poetic and heartfelt card can be the best possible combination.

Flower arrangements for weddings: How much does a composition cost?

When organizing a wedding it is always very easy to spend a lot. The rules of the game are clear and the bride and groom put big money into play in order to make their most beautiful day special. After all, everyone knows, good things are paid for and when happiness is at stake, saving is foolish. However, there are cheaper but no less wonderful flowers on the market. Just choose the cheapest plants to resize the expense for floral decorations even in a consistent way. The important thing is to respect the chromatic scale on which the wedding is based and to match the flowers. For example, if the bride is dressed in red, it is better not to choose purple flowers because they would clash. Small precautions, details that make the difference and make the final result an oasis of happiness.

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