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Flower gardens images: the project

When you buy a house with a garden or in any case in which you want to transform your garden into a special place, you should first have in mind which plants and which flowers are most suitable for your needs, your tastes but also climatic conditions of the area in which we live. For example, if we live in an area with a very cold climate, we will certainly not be able to plant tropical plants in our green space. To realize all these aspects that a non-expert person usually does not think about, one must ask for assistance from the experts, that is to say people who, by trade, are involved in the design of gardens. A team of experts will be able to show us images of flower gardens to advise us on the best option, taking into account all the characteristics of the place where the garden will be built.

Zen gardens, or Japanese-style gardens, are very fashionable today. Searching on the main search engines it is possible to easily find many images of this type of flower gardens. There are companies that deal exclusively with this kind of work and that offer consulting, design and even assistance services for the creation of your own corner of paradise. One of the leading companies in this sector is certainly Crespi bonsai: in addition to selling bonsai and various tools for gardening, in fact, this company deals with the design of Japanese gardens. According to customer requests, Crespi is able to design a garden with truly spectacular settings, including particular plants, wonderful flowers, fountains,

Flower gardens images of Italian gardens

If you want to stay on the classic, then it is worth looking for images of flower gardensItalian style to get an idea of ​​the typical park of our country. The Italian gardens thus conceived were born in the fifteenth century, when the nobles loved to decorate the parks of their villas with particular plants and flowers, following a precise arrangement of the various specimens. The main feature of this typology is the creation of flower beds, composed of different species to create an effect of combined shapes and colors, with a geometric shape. In the Baroque period, moreover, the Italian gardens were enriched with architectural elements such as statues and fountains, to make the greenery of the large villas even more sophisticated and elegant. It is advisable to opt for this type of garden only if you have a large plot of land.

flower gardens images: flower gardens images of English gardens

Before choosing the project for your garden, it is also worth looking at the images of the English flower gardens because today they are back in fashion. This typology developed in the eighteenth, when the nobles, tired of the square and geometric shapes of the vegetation of their gardens, decided to change their style and follow that dictated by the British fashion of the time. These gardens, cared for in every detail, abandon rigid forms to acquire softer and more sinuous forms, with rounded flower beds or that follow the line of paths, ponds, small streams, centuries-old trees to create shaded areas, colorful and elegant flowers, all seasoned with architectural elements such as temples with a classic taste, which today have been replaced by gazebos of various kinds, especially in masonry. This type of garden is also more suitable for large villas with large grounds; however, by turning to professionals, it is possible to recreate an English or Italian garden even in a small space.

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