Flower plants

The genus called Roscoea, flower plants

More than ten species of plants included in the Roscoea genus, belonging to the Zingiberaceae family, are native to the Asian continent. Flower plants grown for ornamental purposes are suitable for cultivation in pots and in the open ground. The shape of the flowers recalls orchids and according to the different varieties they can be red, purple and yellow. They open in spring or early summer. Perennial herbaceous plants with an upright habit are used to decorate rock gardens and flower beds. The soil must be well drained and soft to contain the tuberous roots, consisting of sand and peat. They prefer humid places and half-shade exposures. Starting from the spring season, irrigations are regular but not too abundant.

Plant flowers, the herbaceous of the genus Asclepias

The genus of herbaceous and suffruticose plants called Asclepias belongs to the Apocynaceae family and is native to the American continent. The numerous species adapt to temperate climates and fear the winter seasons from temperatures below ten degrees. Used for ornamental purposes, they can be grown in the garden to decorate flower beds and borders or in pots. The flowers open from June to September, are gathered in umbrellas and can be of many different shades of color. They must be protected from strong currents and are stored in damp and cool places. They require well-drained and fertile soils, mixed with coarse sand. A sunny exposure increases the floral production while the irrigations are regular and frequent in spring and summer.

Flowering and perennial plants of the Ursinia species

Native to southern Africa, the genus of plants known as Ursinia belongs to the Asteraceae family. The species include herbaceous and perennial shrubs that are characterized by the cheerful and abundant flowering they produce throughout the summer season. The flowers are composed of yellow flower heads, rich in petals, they tend to close again with the arrival of evening. They can grow both in pots and in the ground, requiring very drained soil composed of coarse sand and peat. A very sunny exposure helps floral production while irrigations must be regular and frequent throughout the period in which the inflorescences open. With the vegetative restart, it is advisable to administer liquid fertilizer for flowering plants to be diluted.

Flower plants: The genus called Muscari, flower plants

The species called Muscari are easy to grow and belong to the Asparagaceae family and are native to the Eurasian continent. They are used for ornamental purposes for the inflorescences gathered in racemes or in spikes with an erect bearing. The flowers are small, with a globular appearance, according to the different varieties they can be purple, blue and yellow. These plants do not require particular cultural attention, planting takes place in autumn and flowering begins before the arrival of spring. They adapt to different types of soil and can be grown in pots or in the ground. They prefer bright and sunny areas while irrigation is regular in summer and in dry periods.

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