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The florist and the florist: professional training courses

The florist who has to start a business refers to the regulations in force on the matter. The floriculture and floral art market is in strong growth for which a regulatory regulation of the sector has been requested. Both the Regions and the European Union have issued regulations that must be referred to in order to open a flower shop and to create specialized professionals. Professional training in the sector begins with a diploma in agriculture or with a degree in Agriculture or Natural Sciences based on the knowledge of botany. The professional courses are also organized by Federfiori, which is a sector association that deals with the defense of the rights of flower professionals.

The florist and other professionals in the sector

The suitably trained florist presents himself on the job market as a highly specialized professional; his training must be continuous as technology makes great strides and software helps to design floral decorations. For the training of professionals in the sector, marketing courses, drawing and planning courses recognized by the European Community must be followed. The marketing elements are used to know the sector market, provide for the marketing of flowers and be able to understand customer requests. The drawing and planning courses take place alongside the florist with other professional figures, such as artisans in the sector, architects and environment designers.

Economic investment for the florist business

Professional training is free if you follow the professional courses for florists organized by the European Union or if you attend courses financed by public bodies. A course can cost 2500 euros if you attend high school. The economic investment in vocational training depends on the motivation of the investor. Those who want to invest in this business must have passion and a pinch of common sense, because every investment must be productive especially if the financial resources are limited. In the face of the initial costs for training, high earnings can be obtained since if you create flower arrangements for events, talented professionals earn a lot. The spending budget to pay the flower professional is around 2000 euros,

Florist: When the florist becomes a flower designer

The florist becomes a flower designer when he creates, after specific professional training, works of art with flowers. Such works of art are made with fresh flowers and dried flowers. An expert in the sector can also create flowers with cardboard and newspaper; he can use murano glass and swarovski crystals for his works. Established professionals have their own website and by doing a search it is possible to compare their professionalism. The prices of their decorations vary according to the types of flowers used, the difficulty of implementation and the environment to be decorated. It is useful to make a comparison between costs and benefits if you have to organize an event in a big way and do not want to exceed in exorbitant expenses. The same flower designers are able to adequately advise the

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