Flowering gardens

The flower gardens

Walking or spending free time or among green lawns and flower gardens represents for most people a pleasant and irreplaceable experience during the summer; the colors and shapes of the flowers are not only pleasant to look at but also help us to regain our inner harmony, because they stimulate even more the natural feeling of well-being that is generally felt in being in contact with nature. Even better, then, if we are lucky enough to have our own personal outdoor space where we can create our garden, since in this case we can indulge ourselves in choosing the varieties of flowers and plants that best suit our tastes and see them grow thanks to our care. , which generally gives a lot of satisfaction;

Design flower gardens

Creating terraces or flower gardens is not a difficult task, if you want to carefully plan which plants to choose and have the patience to take care of them to make them grow; otherwise, however, you can also contact professionals, such as garden architects or gardeners, who will be able to design the garden for you. In any case, the first thing to evaluate will certainly be the exposure of your garden or terrace, that is if it is very sunny or in the shade for most of the time, because this factor is very important for the choice, the correct development of the plants. and flowering; then, to have homogeneously flowered gardens, it will be better to choose plants that bloom more or less all at the same time, or that keep flowering for a long time,

Plants suitable for creating flower gardens

Among the plants to be taken into consideration for setting up a garden, both for the type of flowering that lasts a long time and because they do not require a lot of care, there are, for example, the bougainvillea, which can grow a lot and becomes beautiful especially if placed in places with a lot of sun, hydrangeas, which instead adapt very well to a semi-shaded environment; the oleander, which is a very resistant plant and also does not need a lot of water to grow well; jasmine, with a typical intense aroma and also very resistant, but in this case you will have to pay attention to the variety, because some bloom only once a year. Lavender, in addition to having an excellent scent, allows for beautiful decorative effects, but also pomegranate, which also exists in the dwarf variety,

Flower Gardens: Cost of flower gardens

Defining the cost of the entire construction of a garden or a flowered terrace is rather difficult, since it depends very much on the surface of the land you want to plant and on the varieties of flowers you will cut; the cost of the plants indicated and in general of the outdoor plants that grow well with the Mediterranean climate is not excessive in any case, unless you want very particular varieties or flowers. The price of a 150 cm bougainvillea, for example, should be around 15/20 euros; jasmine about 10 euros; hydrangeas range from 10 to 25 euros depending on the variety; lavender can be found from 3 euros, oleander from 6/7 euros while pomegranate can be found from 10/12 euros. In some cases you can save by buying only the seeds,

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