Flowering olive tree

When the olive tree blossoms

The month in which the olive tree blossoms is the month of May. This happens because the climatic conditions are extremely prone to this extraordinary natural event: the daytime temperature foresees an oscillation between twenty and twenty-five degrees and the rain should be minimal, otherwise, it would deteriorate the delicate newly hatched flowers. However, it is impossible to control the weather, and in the years in which there was abundant rain in the period of the inflorescences, this resulted in a poor production of the olive fruit. Even the excessive temperature could seriously hinder the good flowering of the plant; over thirty degrees in fact, the growth of the pollen tube in the ovary could be interrupted and in this case it is good to pay attention to abundant irrigation.

Everything you should know for good olive flowering

A correct flowering of the olive tree is determined by multiple factors, both climatic and artificial and controlled by man. The vegetative-productive balance is among all, the main factor for a good result: a balanced fertilization and a not too aggressive pruning carried out in the months preceding flowering is the first step to obtain a good final result. Fertilization and pruning are paradoxically used to obtain a minimum vegetative activity, an indispensable prerogative that will then lead to an abundant productive activity. If, on the other hand, the plant was not for production but for aesthetic purposes, the focus shifts to health care and pesticides. This will lead to abundant flowering but the olive harvest may be minimal.

The importance of good watering

The most delicate period for the olive tree is the moment of fruit set. At this stage, the flower has blossomed and is preparing for the release of the fruit. Poor irrigation during this period could drastically compromise the next harvest; this is why it is essential to pay close attention and periodically examine the hydration status of the plant. As regards Italian crops, it is rare that situations of poor irrigation occur in the north-central. Instead, it is in the southern regions that the situation must be constantly monitored, especially in the phenological phase. How much water to give to the olive tree? An expert grower knows that right from the mignolatura it is necessary to carry out the calculation of evotranspiration, an extremely useful test to quantify the amount of water that the olive tree spends during its development. From this test, it will be possible to determine the necessary irrigation.

Flowering olive tree: Fight against parasites

The olive tree is very resistant, especially in mild and slightly windy climatic conditions. However, not even this majestic tree is immune to parasites and fungi, among all the oil fly, the peacock’s eye and the fumaggine.These, not only compromise the aesthetics of the plant in your garden, but above all they could seriously damage the capacity photosynthetics of the tree with drastic repercussions on flowering and harvest.The use of specific fertilizers to be carried out in two cycles (in the months of February-March the first fertilization and June-July the second) are an excellent way to strengthen the plant. organic harvest. However, if the parasitic attack is massive, it is necessary to

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