Flowers compositions

Flower arrangements: a matter of good taste

To create a flower arrangement to give as a gift for an important occasion or to create for your home, you must make the right choice between flowers and colors. The flowers must be in harmony in shape and size. The colors must be in harmony without out of tune and wrong combinations respecting good taste. Various types of flower arrangements can be created such as bouquets, centerpieces, cornucopias; you can get objects of various shapes such as necklaces and decorations in the shape of a heart or floral spheres to hang on the chandelier; you can also create compositions of climbing flowers to drop along the wardrobe. The environment to be decorated will be embellished with floral creations that will invite you to observe and attract attention if this is our goal:

The tools of the trade to create flower arrangements

To create flower compositions you need to equip yourself with the necessary tools starting with a large support surface useful to make the work fluid. You need garden scissors, sponge, plastic, ceramic or glass containers, iron wires, beads. If the composition to be created is composed of dried flowers, a wicker basket enhances the colors of the flowers; if the flowers are fresh, the container must be made of plastic, ceramic or glass without holes. The sponge must be placed inside the container and cut in proportion to its size. It must be moistened to allow the flowers not to wither immediately if they are fresh. The flowers must be inserted starting from the center of the sponge and creating a spiral around it.

The implicit message attributed to flower arrangements

When the right words are lacking to give a message and express feelings, flowers help and it is necessary not to make a mistake in making a mistake in order not to make a bad impression. Some flowers have a negative meaning and should not be given as a gift. A composition of red roses symbolizes love and passion. The calle are the symbol of elegance, honesty and modesty. Daffodils wish for a new beginning and are suitable for starting a relationship over with new intentions. Lavender flowers symbolize distrust and a composition of them is a warning to relax. Freesias compositions can be given to friends for their meaning of lasting friendship. A bouquet of lily of the valley symbolizes the return of happiness. The compositions of lilac flowers express the first emotions of love.

Flower compositions: Various types of compositions: from wild flowers to challenging flowers

Wildflowers, although cheaper, are equally significant. They stand out for their simplicity, essential shapes and vivid colors. They announce the arrival of spring and those who take the time to collect them will be able to compose magnificent creations. Let’s imagine a bouquet of wild violets and lily of the valley flowers: it will be fascinating. An interesting composition is that formed by daisies and poppies. Among the appreciable wildflowers there are the «forget me not» collected in a bouquet that are original when intertwined with strings of beige pearls. The most demanding compositions have roses, orchids or anthuriums as protagonists. A composition of roses is suitable for any occasion and the prices vary according to the quality. Orchids symbolize refined beauty: they are expensive so a certain value is attributed to them; they often occur in pots or in a single stem of three or five flowers. Anthuriums are collected in bouquets and are excellent in church decorations for weddings.

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